Important Thoughts 6.0

Days Until Christian's 25th Birthday: 34

My first important thought is that I settled on a new layout, at least for now. I looked all around the Internet for hours Wednesday trying to find exactly the right template. Finally, after searching more this morning, I decided that there were only two ways I was ever going to have the perfect blog design: create it myself, and pay someone to create it. I wasn't interested in exploring either of those options, so I went with this, which I like fairly well. It's good enough for now. We'll see if it sticks.

My second important thought is that Christian's birthday is coming up, and despite what he thinks, it's coming up soon. I think I've already shared my philosophy that birthdays are awesome, but if I haven't, let me repeat: birthdays are awesome. Christian is also awesome, so I feel like his birthday should be super-incredi-awesome. He doesn't know what he wants to do for his birthday yet -- he keeps denying the fact that he needs to decide what he wants to do, because he keeps thinking that it's forever away -- so I can't make any definite plans. I am stocking up on presents. At least I'll be prepared on the present front.

My third thought concerns a guy that Christian and I saw in North Hills on our way home from the eye doctor today. He was sitting on the sidewalk, holding one of those advertisement signs that you usually see being flipped up into the air all kinds of cool ways. But he was just sitting there, and Christian and I both looked at him. Then we had this conversation:

Christian: [weirded out] "I think I made eye contact with that guy. That's not good."
Mary: "I did too. He looks really hot."
Christian: [questioning] "Yeah? You think so?"
Mary: "Yeah, I do. Why wasn't he drinking some of his Kool-Aid or whatever it was he had with him?"
Christian: [still questioning] "That guy that you found so attractive?"
Mary: "Attractive? I never said I thought he was attractive."
Christian: [questioning and kind of laughing] "Maybe not in those exact words."
Mary: "Oh. Gross. I meant that he looked really overheated."
Christian: [definitely laughing] "I know what you meant."
Mary: "But seriously, what happens to that guy if he has sun stroke or something?"
Christian: [flippant] "I'm sure he has to sign a waiver or something. Planet Beach is covered."

And that's when I realized that "planet beach" doesn't make sense. A whole planet can't be a beach. It doesn't make sense. There could be a Planet Ocean, where the entire planet was covered in water, or a Planet Land Mass. Planet Beach couldn't happen -- for beach, you need land and you need a body of water, which means that some of the planet would be land and some would be water; not all of it could be beach. It just can't happen. It's like saying Planet River or Planet Peninsula.

After ranting about it for a few minutes, I asked Christian to agree with me, and he agreed in that way that he does when he thinks I'm right, but he doesn't care about what I'm discussing as much as I do, and he wants to make sure I know it. And that doesn't satisfy me at all.


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