First Happy List of 2011

1.  Eating grapefruit in slices like an orange.  I love a big fat juicy chunk of grapefruit.  Babies like it, too, although I don't think they care what shape the grapefruit is in when I eat it.
2.  Feeling the babies kick as I'm falling asleep.  I tell Christian that they're sending me messages, most of which are to "give Daddy kisses."
3.  The big sunny open space in our living room, now that the Christmas tree is gone and our second couch is upstairs.
4.  How every time I tell my hilarious sister-in-law Catherine about a sale going on at Loft, she says, "Ummm... I totally went there today."
5.  Random references to Harry Potter -- they make me laugh.
6.  Planning things I want to get done before the babies come, like read the whole Book of Mormon with Christian again, and plant hydrangeas in front of our house.
7.  Wearing fun accessories and bright red lipstick, which make me feel pretty instead of just huge.
8.  Deciding not to compare myself to other people anymore.
9.  My heart skipping a beat {still} when I hear Christian opening the door as he comes home from work.  It's the best part of my day.
10.  Realizing that after about three years, I finally understand most of Christian's family's inside jokes.

What's making you happy today?