Quick Thoughts

My Quick Thoughts For Today:
  1. I was going to post a few wedding pictures as my birthday present to everyone on Monday, but I keep forgetting to get the CDs out of Christian's car, so I didn't. I've decided to hold the pictures hostage instead. The question now is, how badly do you want to see my wedding pictures? And what would you do in order to see them? You can vote in the poll (right) or offer your own suggestions in the comments section.
  2. In the previous poll, three people voted that they were in the depths of misery while I wasn't posting, two people voted that it only took a little bit of sunshine out of their day, and one person (me) voted that they didn't even notice I was gone. While I'm flattered that three people missed me so much, I'm also a little worried about my ability to affect their mood on a given day, and about their mental health in general. My suggestion to those people is to see a psychiatrist.
  3. I'm looking for dinner ideas. Post suggestions in the comments section.
  4. After I got married, I submitted a name change request to Facebook. My name is no longer Mary Cunningham (except legally, because there have been a few problems with getting a copy of the marriage certificate) -- it's Mary Plautz. Facebook has taken its time with granting my request. Therefore, I am currently boycotting Facebook. Does anyone else who changed their name remember how long it took? Let me know in the comments section.
  5. There is no good TV on during the day.


Happy Birthday! (to me)

Days Until My 22nd Birthday: 0

For anyone who doesn't know, I love my birthday. I think my birthday is the best holiday ever. I love everything about my birthday. I love balloons and streamers and confetti and cake and presents. But even without balloons and streamers and confetti and cake and presents, my birthday would still be totally awesome. I would love my birthday even if no one else knew it was my birthday (but forgetting is different than not knowing, Mom).

Quick fact: I share my birthday with Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Jay Leno, Saddam Hussein, Harper Lee, Lionel Barrymore, Frank Cavanagh, King Edward IV, and Tim Boisvert.

Here's a brief list of presents I wouldn't mind getting today:
  1. Big, colorful, helium-filled balloons
  2. Flowers that thrive in the shade
  3. Interesting books
  4. Refrigerator magnets
  5. A chocolate milkshake
  6. Picture frames
  7. Anything sent by mail
  8. Breakfast cereal that doesn't turn my milk funny colors
  9. Advice (in limited quantities) on which printer Christian and I should buy
  10. Board games

And coming later today: my birthday present to all of you. I just need to find something first. Stay tuned!


A Mis Amigos: Hola

I'm back.  Have a parade, break out some confetti, get out your journals and quit whining, because I'm back.  I got married and I went on my honeymoon and it was all totally awesome, but now I'm online and posting again, and the world is as it should be.

I'm at Catherine's apartment right now -- Catherine gave me special leave to use her computer so I could update my blog.  I haven't posted before now because, come on, Joel, no one blogs on their honeymoon; they have more important things to do.  Also, when we got home from the airport last night, we had no power, so I couldn't use our computer at home.  Why did we have no power?  The official story that Christian and I are telling people is that a grizzly bear knocked over the power lines.  Just our power lines, though.  All of our neighbors have electricity.  Bears are strange that way.

So, quick last-week-and-a-half summary: Christian and I got married on April 12th.  It was awesome.  We took lots of pictures, which was not awesome.  We went to the airport on Monday and met up with my brother, Aaron, who should have flown out the day before but didn't.  This prompted us to come up with a new word.

aaron - v. When you get to the airport too late to catch your flight and have to spend tedious and boring hours hanging out, waiting for a new flight.  "My parents dropped me off at the airport only half an hour before my flight departed and I got aaroned."

We flew to Orlando and Orlando was awesome.  We went to the beach and it was awesome.  We went to Disney World and it was awesome.  Fast passes are awesome.  We went out on the lake in a boat and it was awesome.  I couldn't stop eating the whole time we were gone and it was awesome.  Christian and I were finally married and together and it was awesome.  Overall, I would classify the experience as... awesome.

Parting thoughts:

1.  We can now resume the birthday countdown, since I have nothing more important going on until then.  Six days left.

2.  Seriously, I will post wedding pictures (or a link to wedding pictures, which I'm thinking might be way more convenient) sometime soon.

3.  Don't worry, people who were worried -- the bear didn't knock out our power until yesterday, so last week's episodes of 30 Rock, The Office, and Scrubs that we missed because we were riding Splash Mountain for the fourth time made it onto our DVR, so we're covered.

4.  We just watched American Idol.  I'm so ready for Syesha to go home.


FIVE Days Left

Days Until I Get Married: 5
Days Until My Whatever Whatever: Whenever

I know what everyone is thinking. "Mary, you're getting married in five days. FIVE DAYS. That's way more exciting than General Conference yesterday and the NCAA Championship tonight. You finally got to counting down on your right hand! I can barely breathe for excitement! How do you even have time to post on your blog?"

Here's my answer. "I don't."


Important Thoughts 5.0

Days Until I Get Married: 8
Days Until My 22nd Birthday: Even I don't care


Something Special

Here it is: something special to celebrate Ten Days Left, just like I said. It's a photo journey of my relationship with Christian. Exciting! The journey comprises ten pictures -- that's one for each day we have left. Everyone ready? Here we go.

#1: July 2007. Christian and Wor's combined birthday party. This was back when the idea of dating Christian hadn't even crossed my mind. And see? He's not even looking at me.

#2: September 2007. Jock Jams game. This is the day that Christian asked me out for the first time. Notice how tense his arm is -- he's nervous.

#3: Early October 2007. General Conference. Earlier that weekend, Christian and I had decided to be in a relationship, but we hadn't gotten around to telling other people yet. I think some of our friends figured it out anyway. Also, this is the night we decided we were the Coolest Couple in the University Ward. Sorry, Joel and Rochelle.

#4. Late October 2007. FHE. Christian accidentally dropped our pumpkin, leaving us unable to finish carving it. And ours would have been the most awesome. That's too bad.

#5. Early November 2007. Mary, Meredith & Friends' Thanksgiving Camping Adventure. I tried to tag Christian during a seemingly interminable game of Capture the Flag, but he sidestepped me and carried our flag to victory.

#6. Late November 2007. Meadow Lights Christmas Lights Tour. Christian and Jeremy decided to pose with Twelve Apostles in a scene from the Last Supper. Stephanie and I took pictures.

#7: December 2007. FHE again. Christian and I went to the grocery store for a candy run and then tried to eat all the candy instead of using it to make a gingerbread house. This was during the time that Tim was out of town and I was house-sitting for him. Thanks, Tim. That was awesome.

#8: Early January 2008. The beach. Noel, Ashley, Jeremy, Stephanie, Christian and I went to the beach to celebrate New Year's. I realized that I wanted to marry Christian on this trip. He proposed the next day.

#9. Late January 2008. Pullen Park. Christian and I picked out my ring, decided on a date (which was later changed twice), told our parents, started the countdown, and took our engagement pictures.

#10. February 2008. Joel and Rochelle's reception. By this point, Christian and I were (and are) just waiting to get married. At this point, it seemed like April would never come.

*photos courtesy of my Facebook friends; thanks, guys

Boring Life Update: TEN Days Left

Days Until I Get Married: 10
Days Until My 22nd Birthday: No one cares -- I'm getting married in 10 days.

So, I don't know if anyone's heard yet, but I get married in ten days. TEN days. Yesterday was the last day of my right foot, and today is the first day of my left hand. (Don't get it? Click here.) That's exciting. To celebrate Ten Days Left, I will be working on something special, to be posted later today. Or tomorrow. Or, seriously, whenever I get around to it. I'm busy, okay? I'm getting married in ten days. Ten days! I'm so excited.

Other exciting things: Christian moved into our townhouse yesterday. Our townhouse that we're going to live in when we get married. He moved most of his stuff in the morning, and then I came over and helped with the chair and his box springs, and tried to help with the couch but couldn't. It's way heavy. We're still getting him settled in with all the stuff he'll need for the next ten days (and, Catherine, thank you for the cleaning supplies that you gave us at my bridal shower -- they have already come in handy), but for the most part he's set.

We also went downtown and got our marriage license yesterday. I had a little bit of a crisis yesterday morning because I couldn't find my Social Security Card, but after sifting through piles of dirt and junk in my room, I found it. Thank goodness. The website for the Wake County Register of Deeds said that we should expect up to an hour's wait when getting our license, but (after walking through the Wake County Courthouse and getting a little turned around) it took less than ten minutes. So now we're set. Well, we still have to meet with the Stake President, and then we'll be all set.



Midnight Thoughts

I hate chickens.

Days Until I Get Married: 11
Days Until My 22nd Birthday: 27