Some Christmas Eve Pictures

Christian and I spent Christmas Eve in traditional Plautz fashion and with excellent Plautz company.  We hit up McDonald's for dinner, then headed back to the in-laws' house to read the Biblical account of Christmas and sing Christmas songs.  We finished by eating delicious homemade candy.  {On a side note, my doctor told me yesterday that I'm gaining too much weight.  I think I should get a break just after the holidays.}  I didn't get any pictures from Christmas Day, so these will have to suffice.

I've loved having Christian home for the past few days.  It's so nice to just look over and see him nearby.  Today we set out to visit a couple of libraries and pick up some graphic novels for Christian.  When we arrived at the Eva H. Perry Wake County Public Library, Christian and I encountered what must have been the slowest family of all time.  First, they waited for someone to pull out of a parking spot they wanted, when there were plenty available.  They then backed in, which required the driver to execute a five-point turn.  Once they were no longer in our way, Christian and I parked, got out of the car, and walked inside.  We found the books Christian was looking for, browsed around, and checked out.  When we came out the car, our slow friends had just gotten out of their car.  As we drove away, they were still walking toward the door.  Seriously?

After the libraries, we strolled around Barnes & Noble, then Christian surprised me by suggesting Macaroni Grill for a late lunch.  It was wonderful.  I enjoy restaurants with paper tablecloths.  We played hangman until our orders arrived; my puzzles were "hoverboard" and "delusions of grandeur," while Christian's were "hangman is lame" and "these are the letters of the alphabet: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz."  When I complained that his second didn't count, because it contained non-words, he said that at least I didn't guess a single wrong letter {although actually I did; I guessed a letter twice}.


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Christian and I had a hard time staying asleep last night,
partly because we were just too excited for today,
and partly because I kept having to get up during the night.
Ah, pregnancy.
I was thinking, in the wee hours of the night,
that this was potentially our last Christmas for years when we could have slept in.
But that got me thinking about sharing next Christmas with our babies,
which is just too exciting a thought to allow for sleep.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
I hope you get everything you ever wanted.
{I did.}


I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Anything More Adorable

When I went to visit my mother on Wednesday, she gave me a package of diapers as a present.  They're the tiniest diapers I've ever seen, and definitely the most adorable.  I think it's good they're so charmingly small; I don't think my body is up to housing two nine-pound babies.  I can't stop looking at them.  I kind of want to tie ribbons to them and hang them on our Christmas tree:

My mom and I spent the rest of my visit snuggled on the couch, talking about everything that came to mind.  We talked about how wonderful getting married in the temple is, and how long it takes my dad to answer questions, and spiritual thoughts I had after our most recent Sunday School lesson.  We looked at my ultrasound pictures and exclaimed over how cute their little feet are.  It was very cozy and peaceful, and I had a hard time leaving.  Mom suggested I put my feet up and take a nap instead.

I really can't wait until we have a roomful of supplies waiting for our babies.  It seems like forever away.  I hope the time passes quickly.


Little Pregnancy Update

Christian and I went to another ultrasound yesterday, and because I'm now 19 weeks*, we were able to find out the genders of our little babies.  I could barely sleep Sunday night for excitement.  I had been waiting and waiting to know, and putting off shopping for anything until I knew.  I even avoided looking a baby girl clothes all together, convinced as I was that we were having two boys.  But now the news is in: one boy, one girl, and both perfectly healthy.  We couldn't be more happy.

Christian is trying to convince me that I shouldn't buy any baby clothes until February, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait.  Aren't these vintage clothes adorable?  I love the thought of dressing our baby girl in ruffly cotton dresses, and our baby boy in tiny cardigans and bow ties.  {I want him to look like Christian in this picture.  Actually, I want him to look like little Christian in almost every way.}

*Every time we go to the doctor, we get a different due date.  In fact, we get two different due dates, one for each baby, because they develop at a different rates.  For consistency's {and my sanity's} sake, I picked the closest date and stuck with it -- this date puts me at 19 weeks.