Days Until Christian's 25th Birthday: 48

On Tuesday, I got a call from my eye doctor, letting me know that my glasses were ready for pickup. I was excited -- I'd been looking forward to getting my glasses. I was also excited to see what they looked like, since I picked out the frames when my eyes were dilated. I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to dilate my eyes and then ask me to pick out frames. I had trouble seeing things. I would pick up a pair of frames, bring them right up to my face, and ask, "What color are these?"

I like them. I wear them during the day when Christian's not home. When I wear them when Christian is home, he says that I look like a dork.

I go back to the eye doctor again today. This time, I'm going with Christian for his appointment. I think he's looking forward to the machine where they tell you to look at a hot air balloon and keep your eyes open then it blows a puff of air into your eye. I hate that machine, but Christian says that he likes it. He says that it makes him laugh.

Also, and on a totally different note, I'd just like to remind everyone that in a recent post, I said that my strategy in this posting war would involve "lur[ing] [Joel] into a false sense of security, and then start posting like crazy." So I'm surprised that everyone was surprised that I've been laying low for a while. This posting war is going take place over the entire year. Thus, I have to pace myself. I don't want to peak too early.


Re-Upholstering Victory

Not too long after Christian and I got engaged, I looked at his hideous, uncomfortable armchair and said to it, "I'll be dealing with you." I didn't want to have such an ugly and impractical chair in my house. It was obvious that someone had tried to reupholster this chair years ago, and maybe it looked not-as-bad then, but their work had started to come undone on the sides. It was bad.

I knew Alice had made a slipcover for her couch when she and Cletus lived in married student housing at UNC, so I asked her for help. And last Wednesday, she and baby Katie came over, armed with a sewing machine. We got a lot done that day -- I think we would have gotten more done had I not needed to go to Wal-Mart to get a staple gun, and then needed to go back to Wal-Mart because I got the wrong kind of staples, and then needed to go back to Jo-Ann's because I didn't get enough fabric the first time.

But I finally finished yesterday. I declared victory over the chair! I think it looks much better than before, and reupholstering was definitely less expensive than buying a new chair. As Alice and I were taking the old fabric off, we saw that the people who had reupholstered this chair before had signed their names and written the date on the wood inside: May 12, 1986. Which means that the fabric we were pulling off the chair was almost older than I was. (We also saw scraps of the original fabric. It looked like an old couch that our family had when we were little.) Thankfully, all of that fabric is gone.

It's still an incredibly uncomfortable chair, but at least it's no longer hideous.

The front:

The side:

The back:

Me, enjoying the chair:


Honeymoon Pictures

Here are honeymoon pictures. For a brief description of our honeymoon adventure in Florida, click here. The pictures are abundant and candid and spectacular. Not.

This is a picture of Christian and I making breakfast. He is cooking a tomato with tongs. I am cooking Apple Jacks, still in the box, with a spatula. We are having all kinds of excellent fun.

Here's Christian and I having an awesome time in our rented Chrysler Sebring. Christian is laughing his head off, probably in disbelief of how much excellent fun there is to be had.

And lastly, Christian and I are in a boat. We are about to go out on the lake and have excellent fun. We are having excellent, non-posed fun in the boat.


Plautz Family Photos

I have a bad habit of posting about things that happened in the past. Wedding pictures, hair cut report, a birthday wish list on my birthday -- all of those things should have been posted before they were. Today's post is about something that happened last weekend. The next post I have in mind contains honeymoon pictures, which are also overdue. I really need to do better.

But more to the point, Christian and I spent a good portion of last Saturday working on his mom's Mother's Day present, which was a digital picture frame with pictures of her family. All of the kids contributed, Christian and I bought it, and Catherine helped us decide which pictures to put on it. My favorite part was that Catherine had most of their family pictures at her apartment, and I got to look through hundreds of pictures of Christian as a little kid. Like me, Christian was a really cute kid, and then a really awkward-looking teenager, and then grew up and turned out really really incredibly good-looking. What can I say? We're a super hot couple.

We used digital pictures that Catherine and Elizabeth had, and then digital pictures that Christian and I had, which were all engagement and wedding pictures. This meant that we had a lot of pictures of Catherine, a lot of pictures of Christian and me, a lot of pictures of Amelia, and hardly any of anyone else. Realizing this wasn't ideal, we scanned in more family pictures. I enjoyed looking at their (and now my) family grow up, and I thought others might enjoy seeing them also, so I posted them here. I think they're in chronological order, but I could be wrong. That happens sometimes.


More Pictures

Christian and I dropped off the wedding and bridal pictures film (six rolls total) over a week ago, and we finally got them back yesterday. Christian gave them to me as a month-a-versary present. First month-a-versaries are a big deal. They were fun to look at; we agreed that it's easier to look nice in black and white pictures than it is in color pictures. I spent part of this morning uploading them and weeding out the ones where I'm making a weird face.

This picture is our all-time favorite. We already have it framed on our bookshelf. We like it because we both look nice and Christian looks like he's saying, "Yes! We finally got married!"


Finally: Wedding Pictures

Finally, I know. Here are wedding pictures. Just like I promised. And now everyone needs to make good on what they promised in return for wedding pictures -- the offer to do my Institute make-up work not so much, because I already did it and turned it in and graduated on Sunday. Here are some of my favorite wedding pictures: