Important Thoughts 20.0

{photo via PaperTissue.}

20.1: I made a bold move on Wednesday and bought a new couch.  After browsing for couches a few weeks ago, I came to the sad conclusion that I wasn't going to be able to afford a couch for several more months.  However, on Tuesday I decided to look around on Craigslist for the first time, and the fifth couch I clicked on was my dream couch.  {Not exactly my dream couch -- I wouldn't mind if the seat was deeper, or if the upholstery was radically different -- but it's close enough.}  I could afford it, so I e-mailed the owner that night and picked it up the next day.  It's now sitting in our dining room, waiting for the explosion of throw pillows that I think will make it look perfect.  I'll post pictures when it looks just right.

20.2: I downloaded Photoshop a few days ago, and have since spent several hours editing photos.  Specifically, our wedding photos, which is why I randomly posted some yesterday.  I've been jealous of people with gorgeous wedding photos since I got married, and I love how mine look now.  Belated wedding photo win!

20.3: Christian and I bought tickets for our trip to Utah!  We'll be leaving on September 21st, and coming home on the 27th.  We have so many people to see again {and some to meet for the first time} -- I can't wait!  I'm so excited that it's finally happening after being in the planning stages for two years!  For some reason, I love planning trips way in advance.  Case in point: I told Christian that for our tenth anniversary, I want him to take me to Paris.  One advantage of thinking so far ahead is that now he has more than seven years to get used to the idea, and obtain medication that will knock him out for the plane ride.

20.4: Happy Birthday to Alex, my youngest brother-in-law, who turned 14 yesterday!  Always remember, Alex, that birthdays are good for you -- you can tell because the more birthdays you have, the longer you live.  That's a fact.


Take 3

We went to my parents' house this evening for our monthly dinner and Christian's birthday celebration.  We had sandwiches {Christian's favorite}, pasta salad and lemonade for dinner.  My mom stuck a candle into a pack of Oreos for a birthday dessert.  They were delicious.  It was windy and cloudy and cool outside, so we all ended up on the porch.  Happy Birthday to Christian again!  I'll tell about what we did on his actual birthday another time... I'm waiting on photographic evidence.


Happy Christian's Birthday!!

{celebrating with his family last night}

Today is the birthday of my most favorite person in the world.
I like to think that twenty seven years ago today, right before he was born,
my spirit kissed his spirit and said,
"I love you.  I'll see you in twenty-four years."
{But really, I know that spirits can't kiss.  That's one of the wonderful things about having a body.}
Yes oh yes oh yes, I am one lucky woman.
Happy 27th birthday to the best husband alive,
the awesomest person on the planet,
my spectacular husband,
Christian Michael Plautz.



{Hayden, Kate, Mom & Elaine}

Everyone came over to visit me and my neighborhood pool on Friday.  And by everyone, I mean Alice, Hayden, Kate, Elaine, Mom and Sara Joy.  According to our pool rules I'm only allowed to bring four guests, but Elaine and Mom never swim, so they don't really count.  Also, it's difficult to take those rules seriously when every time we go, no one else is there.  {Besides, who's going to enforce the rules?  Our pool has zero security.}  Owning a pool pass this summer means that my family is more willing to come and visit me; last summer I think I did all the visiting.  This summer is also abominably hot, which makes just sitting by the pool unbearable -- one reason I never go by myself.  {Maybe if I could manage to relax with a book in the water.}  I got a headache from the heat on Friday and wasn't very much fun after a while.

Alice brought part of a German chocolate cake, which was delicious and became my breakfast.  She also brought me some very good pasta salad.  Mom brought me a cantaloupe.   I brought my camera and took a few pictures.  Mom refuses to smile in most pictures -- instead she makes a face that she thinks looks dignified and serene, and I think looks bored -- but I asked her to please smile for real this time, and the picture turned out very well.  {And yes, Mom, you do really look like that.}  Kate also took a few pictures, mostly of Elaine laying on a towel under the table.  She took a few up-close out-of-focus shots of me, which made me rethink how good my hair looked that day.  {I'm exercising my right as co-author of this blog and not posting those pictures.}

Are you enjoying the summer?  Any ideas for having fun while keeping out of the heat?  Don't forget that Christian turns 27 on Saturday!


We're Home!

Christian and I are home!  I ate a meatloaf sandwich a little while ago, and lately my body has been thinking that right after food is a good time for sleep, so my brain is a little hazy right now.  I'm struggling to stay awake, so here are a few disconnected thoughts about our trip/drive home/time since then:

1.  While making the meatloaf sandwich, I clumsily dropped the knife I was using, and it bounced off the floor and into my toe.  I didn't notice it had broken the skin until I also noticed the drops of blood on the kitchen floor.  Gross!  {I told Christian as I handed him his sandwich, "Don't worry, it doesn't have any blood on it."  He didn't look very reassured.}

2.  We drove home yesterday with Amelia in tow -- we took her to "Grammy's" house, which she was very excited about.  "Grammy's going to be so happy to see me!" she kept saying.  "Yes," we kept replying, "and Grandpa and Catherine, too!"  We also accidentally poisoned her with McDonald's food, and shortly after our arrival in Fuquay, she began to throw up.  I still feel bad about that.

3.  We went to see fireworks in Fuquay last night with Christian's dad, Daniel, and Alex.  I absolutely love watching fireworks, and last night was no exception.  We sat by  this one lady who was smoking, who was talking loudly on her cell phone, and who kept company with hordes of greasy, rebellious-looking, pierced teenagers who kept standing in the way.  Blerg.  On the upside, though, we also sat by a group of adorable kids who said "WOW!" in unison after every firework went off.

4.  Christian made me pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning.  He is so sweet, and a very good pancake maker.  He certainly did a better job than I usually do, since none of his pancakes were runny in the middle.  Christian is also better at taking pictures of us than I am.  He took the one above, and I took this one:


We Are Loving It {with sidenotes}

{photos via esoule}

We're having the best time on our little vacation.  We went to the beach yesterday afternoon.  I forwent sunscreen, which meant that I got an intense sunburn on my right arm.  {So intense, I thought when I woke up this morning that my skin had already started peeling, but I afterwards realized that it was only dried aloe.  Still gross.}

I'm glad I went to Harris Teeter and bought myself a new pair of cheapo sunglasses before we left.  I only ever buy cheapo sunglasses, because I am continually breaking or misplacing them, and also because I'm indifferent to the superior style of expensives ones.  {On a similar note, if anyone has seen my last pair, purple with black polka dots, please let me know.  I was a little attached to them.  My sister gave them to me for Christmas, and I like the way they made everything look purple.}

We also braved crowds of uniformed, vampire-crazy little camp girls to see Knight and Day, which turned out to be pretty weak.  Still, I had a great time -- the best time I've had in a while.  I got a little hysterical while eating my peanut butter cups before the movie started, and laughed at everything Christian said.  It was wonderful.  I love going to the movies with my best friend {which is maybe why we've gone to see seven in the past 35 days}.

More updates & eventually pictures to come!