Snapshot of July 1987

My mother let me borrow a bunch of old pictures recently because Christian wanted to see Baby Me.  I have yet to return them, partly because they've gone into hiding in our second bedroom.  {Our second bedroom is where Christian keeps his clothes, his memorabilia, and his hideously uncomfortable twin bed.  It also often becomes the refuge of junk that we aren't ready to throw away, and random items that don't have a home in any other part of the house.  We tend to put things in the corners of the room and leave them there until it seems normal.}  I looked through these today and fell in love with them; not only am I adorable, but my family all looks healthy and happy, the colors in these pictures are beautiful, and right now I'm looking forward to the bright, sunny days of summer.

As the title of this post indicates, these pictures were taken in July of 1987 {or they were at least developed then -- they could have been taken earlier that year}.  I would have been fifteen months old; Laura would have been three; Alice was ten; Aaron was thirteen; my mother was 37, and Dad was 41.  We were in California visiting both sets of my grandparents.  You can see my Grandma Webb and my Aunt Kathy in one of the pictures with my mom, and all three of them had permed hair.  You can also see my Grandpa Cunningham, reading outside while I attempted to ingest the hose.  {You can even see a swollen diaper peeking out of the snaps in my red overalls.}

I look at these pictures and I miss things.  I miss California and gardenias and the dry hotness of summer.  I miss the cold water of pools and the smell of cut grass baking in the sun.  I miss my family being all together; I miss my brother, and I miss my mom's family.  I miss old wooden fences crowded with flowers, and I miss houses that my family has lived in for so long.  I miss sweet old men in baggy clothes.  And I really didn't intend on becoming so nostalgic; contemplating old pictures brings it out of me, I guess.


But Then...

I know I post about my adorable niece almost too often, to the point that this is almost turning into a mommy blog.  I always figured I wouldn't have a mommy blog until I actually was a mommy, and then it would be forgivable, because everyone {I'm sure} would want to know all about my kids all the time.  It seems like having a mommy blog when you're not a mommy is supremely obnoxious, and I apologize.  I'll try to post more about me-and-Christian things, and less about... less about... I can't do it.  I don't want to have a mommy blog, but I feel like I can't help it when there's this:

Don't you just want to eat her up?  With the little buns on the top of her head, and her princess t-shirt?  She's brushing her teeth with her Dora the Explorer toothbrush.  It's too cute.  The other day I was laying her down to change her diaper, and I kissed her feet, and she said, "Why you kiss my feet, Mimi?"  And I said, "Because I love your little feet."  And she said, "Yes, I love your big feet, too, Mimi."  And it melted my heart, because my feet are big adult feet, not tiny pudgy baby feet.

So whatevs, people who are tired of hearing about Baby Lara.  I love being her nother mother, and I love sharing adorable pictures of her.  The End.