O Christmas Tree

Be aware that this is the first of several Christmas-themed posts. I meant to post about Christmas preparations as they happened, but I've been putting off posting for forever. First I put off posting because of finals, and then I put it off because I was so enjoying having my husband at home all day (Christian took this whole week off of work). But I feel the time has finally come to post about Christmas, because today is Christmas Eve, and no one wants to hear about Christmas preparations after Christmas. And now I have so much to share. Possibly too much to share. Possibly it's too much and I won't be able to post about it all today. We'll see.

The first thing that Christian and I did about Christmas was to decide that it's awesome, and we're totally excited because it's our first Christmas together ever. (We were dating last Christmas, but that doesn't count as our first Christmas, because we weren't grown-up married people then.) Then we started buying each other presents. Then we talked about when we would spend time with which relatives. Then we had the discussion about the Christmas tree. Christian wanted to use the artificial tree his parents gave him, and I wanted to buy a real tree, because I love real trees and how they smell. At the end of our discussion, we decided to get a real tree, and it is gorgeous. I love love love it.

When we brought it home, it was all bare and shedding needles everywhere. Now it's pretty and lit and decorated and still shedding. Here's our tree:
We also had to buy a Christmas tree stand, and a Christmas tree skirt, and then it was time to think about ornaments. Ornaments, however, are a different post.


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