Thoughts at Four Weeks Old

{Christian wanted me to make it clear that he was burping the babies in these pictures,
not choking them. Christian has proven to have excellent baby burping skills.}

If, four weeks ago, you told me that my babies would eventually be four weeks old, I don't think I would have believed you. While, looking back, those weeks seem to have gone by so quickly, another four weeks seems impossibly far away. I know I'm not the first person to have noticed this, but time is weird.

I have a love/hate relationship with how much the babies are growing. I love that they're healthy and getting stronger all the time, but I already miss how tiny they used to be. Max doesn't even fit into his preemie sleepers anymore. {The first time I put him into a newborn size, I imagined him saying "I'm a real boy!" just like Pinocchio.}

Our twins seem totally devoid of any psychic twin powers. They act indifferent to each other's cries, and oblivious to each other's existence in general. Mostly it's just like we got two kids at the same time. They are both very tricky, though. Often we'll hear them fussing and go in to check on them, only to find them fast asleep. Five minutes later, more fussing, we go up to check, fast asleep.

We've started reading books to the babies. They already have their favorite stories. Maggie loves "Guess How Much I Love You" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" {I think it's because she's also tiny and very hungry, and shaped not unlike a caterpillar still}. Max enjoys "Where The Wild Things Are" -- even though he thinks the Wild Things are a little bit scary, he likes how the boy in the book is named Max too.

Maggie has a tendency to go {you know, go} when her diaper comes off. If she goes number ones we call it a Maggie Special. Sometimes she goes numbers twos, and we call it a Maggie Super Special. The other day Alice got a Maggie Super Special all over her pants and on her foot. Kate and I thought it was hilarious. At least she can't say I didn't warn her -- I warn everyone who changes Maggie's diaper.


  1. Haha. "Maggie Super Special"... love it! Your twins are so adorable. I've never really seen anyone burp their kids like that, but I'm all for whatever works. :-)

  2. I am itching to meet those babies. They are superdy duper cute!

  3. so cute, they look so alert! hilarious re: Maggie Special. that kind of thing has only happened to me once and i was so confused, i had no idea what was going on. I thought the stream was some kind of plastic string hanging from the ceiling. which made it much messier.

  4. Oh how cute. It sounds like Maggie needs to start potting training, like, now.

  5. We burped ours like that too when they were little. It's easier! And I have a few pics where we look like they're choking too...haha. They have cheeks!

    I put the clean diaper under their bum before I undo the dirty one. That way if I get a surprise the new diaper soaks some of it up. and protects sheets, pants, carpet, etc. Which, if W has a liquid surprise, just gives me something to fold over really fast to protect myself. I also wait until at least an hour after they eat to change. Though C seems to process things after I wake her up from her nap time and change it instead of during said nap.