More Pictures

Christian and I dropped off the wedding and bridal pictures film (six rolls total) over a week ago, and we finally got them back yesterday. Christian gave them to me as a month-a-versary present. First month-a-versaries are a big deal. They were fun to look at; we agreed that it's easier to look nice in black and white pictures than it is in color pictures. I spent part of this morning uploading them and weeding out the ones where I'm making a weird face.

This picture is our all-time favorite. We already have it framed on our bookshelf. We like it because we both look nice and Christian looks like he's saying, "Yes! We finally got married!"


  1. I had looked at all the potos you had posted on the link on fb. And I have to agree... this is by far my favorite. Too cute. I'm just sad I couldn't be there for the big event. If I hadn't said so before though... Congratulations! And happy month-a-versary...

  2. You waited all of this time to post wedding pictures and you only post 1??? We want more pictures! Yes, that is a good picture of both of you. How is the chair? I want to see a picture!