Plautz Family Photos

I have a bad habit of posting about things that happened in the past. Wedding pictures, hair cut report, a birthday wish list on my birthday -- all of those things should have been posted before they were. Today's post is about something that happened last weekend. The next post I have in mind contains honeymoon pictures, which are also overdue. I really need to do better.

But more to the point, Christian and I spent a good portion of last Saturday working on his mom's Mother's Day present, which was a digital picture frame with pictures of her family. All of the kids contributed, Christian and I bought it, and Catherine helped us decide which pictures to put on it. My favorite part was that Catherine had most of their family pictures at her apartment, and I got to look through hundreds of pictures of Christian as a little kid. Like me, Christian was a really cute kid, and then a really awkward-looking teenager, and then grew up and turned out really really incredibly good-looking. What can I say? We're a super hot couple.

We used digital pictures that Catherine and Elizabeth had, and then digital pictures that Christian and I had, which were all engagement and wedding pictures. This meant that we had a lot of pictures of Catherine, a lot of pictures of Christian and me, a lot of pictures of Amelia, and hardly any of anyone else. Realizing this wasn't ideal, we scanned in more family pictures. I enjoyed looking at their (and now my) family grow up, and I thought others might enjoy seeing them also, so I posted them here. I think they're in chronological order, but I could be wrong. That happens sometimes.


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