A Few More...

Remember when I came up with a special blog post to celebrate having only ten days left until my wedding? Well, here are three more Christian-and-Mary pictures to celebrate the fact that, earlier this month, Christian and I had our fourth month-a-versary. 1. Christian and I at Adam and Tiffani Winsor's wedding reception last October. This is not too long after we started dating, and when I first met Christian's parents. I kind of have a look on my face like I'd rather not get my picture taken, which is probably exactly how I felt, and also my hair doesn't look great. Still, I love this picture. 2. Christian and I at his apartment, in early January. This was actually taken the night we told our parents that we were engaged. We were both pretty tired, but also very happy and excited. Also, I look almost muscular in that shirt. 3. Fast-forward seven months to early August. This is Christian and I at the airport, waiting for Michael to get off his plane. We made an awesome poster that said "RUN HOME JACK" for the occasion that I don't think Michael really got to see. Christian's the one looking slightly disheveled in this picture, with his nose all smashed and his glasses askew. It's still one of my favorite pictures of us.


  1. you guys are TOO cute. i love you both.

  2. Love these. And the last one gives me more confidence in your hair cut. The other picture I saw definitely didn't do it justice. And it makes me miss you guys, and I don't even really know Christian. But you look fun. And I want to come home :) But I should be home next May! Long time away, but it's still happening.

  3. I'm all caught up again. And I blogged. The Fight of the Concord guys are silly. Did you watch my Japanese people eating marshmallows? How do you put a You Tube video right in your post like that? It's....it's awesome!

    And late. Must go. Love you.

    Also, I'm not annonymous anymore, that's kinda cool.