Important Thoughts 8.0

First important thought: being sick is not fun. Being sick is especially not fun when midterms are coming up, and so especially not fun when you're trying not to get your significant other sick also. Blerg. I feel like my house is full of used tissues. Second important thought: I really slacked during September, with an all-time low of only three posts during the whole month. Don't take this as an indication that I'm going to allow myself to be beaten by Joel in our posting war, though, because I totally won't. Third important thought: not surprisingly, David Brent won the title of Boss of Dancing. Perhaps if I had been able to find the footage of Michael Scott dancing in the deleted scenes, he might have had a better chance. As it stands, however, David Brent won 75% of the vote, and Michael Scott only won 25%. Fourth important thought: I don't know what to do about my background. I can't decide. Fifth important thought: no offense to a certain person whom I love dearly, but things that are chocolate that have mint in them that shouldn't have mint in them (which is almost everything except peppermint patties and mint chocolate chip ice cream) are gross to me. Case in point: brownies. Brownies should never be minty. Sixth important thought: I love my husband. This morning, as I got up from the couch to go the bathroom, I threw a blanket over his head. He yelled "I can't see!" and started stumbling around the room. When I came back, he was like this:


  1. mint and chocolate are a classic combo. That's all I have to say. And that you ought to at least eat one bit of the brownie if someone else makes them.
    my house is also full of tissues. curse mangos and guinea pigs - both of which were either present in Heidi's house or had left evidence (dander). Allergies stink. I'm thinking about making minty brownies to make myself feel better. For anyone who does like them go here: http://alumni.byu.edu/about/traditions/brownies.cfm
    And you can make them without mint. Too bad they didn't give their chocolate icing recipe though - it's fantastic.

  2. I love Important Thoughts - it's like a smorgasbord of life! I also feel your pain about the background. I go through phases like that, too. And then I become consumed with finding the perfect background, only to decide that I should just stick with what I have.

    Not that that's my advice because a.) that would be lame advice and b.) I always like your backgrounds.

  3. I TOTALLY agree. Brownies should NEVER have mint in them.!~

  4. Mary-where are the posts? Here, I'll help you along: You've been "tagged"... see my blog for details.

  5. Seventh important point: I really enjoy your important points. Your thoughts mean a lot to me.
    Note about point Fourth: I don't know what to do about my background either. I felt like it was time for a change, and so I am trying something out. I feel like I want to do something more though. I understand how this could be possibly be weighing on you.