NC State Fair 2008

Christian and I went to the state fair yesterday. It was awes-credible. We had so much fun. And, incredibly, we took a lot of pictures, which is so unlike us.

We went on rides:
  1. the Fireball, which we both acknowledge as the best ride at the fair
  2. the Mega Drop, which was a first for both of us, and which totally blew our minds
  3. some roller coaster thing
  4. the Ferris Wheel
  5. the House of Rock, which wasn't really even a ride, and which was the lamest, but which provided some pretty awesome pictures; also, they were playing Bon Jovi while we were there, so we couldn't not go in
  6. Hit in 2000, during which Christian got crushed against the side of the seat
  7. White Water, which is my favorite and which no one else ever wants to go on it makes you get all wet
  8. the lesser Mega Drop, which isn't as awesome as the real Mega Drop, because you don't fall for as long, but which is still completely amazing
We also ate lots of food, including NC State ice cream, which was awesome, saw Angel the snake woman, went to see the Demolition Derby with Joel & Rochelle, saw Smithfield the painting pig, and watched the fireworks. All in all, it was a well-spent seven hours at the fair.

Here's us on the Ferris Wheel:
Christian in the House of Rock:
Close up of Christian:
In front of Hit in 2000 (which is the strangest name for a ride ever):
Eating a frozen banana in front of Dorton Arena:
Waiting in line with Joel and Rochelle so they could milk a cow:My attempt to capture the lights of the fair against the night sky:
Rochelle, Joel, Christian and I at the Demolition Derby:


  1. Looks like an awes-credible adventure. I like that you wore "flanel" shirts too. I haven't seen Chrish in those since middle school. He looks so much better with his hair cut too!!

  2. Can I tell you how much I love the matching shirts?~

  3. yeah -"awwww, they match!" you're funny :)