15 Things To Do On Spring Break

  1. Eat out at the CKF to celebrate finishing midterms.
  2. Get hair cut. Come home, decide hair looks awful, go back to hair cuttery, get hair cut again.
  3. Finally finish Atlas Shrugged. Wonder if you'll ever read a book that good again in your lifetime.
  4. Read rumors about an Atlas Shrugged movie, start thinking of who you'd cast as each character.
  5. Write Eric a letter, make Eric cookies, go to the post office to send Eric a package.
  6. Visit Alice and play with Kate.
  7. Watch reruns of America's Next Top Model until you're bored out of your mind, then go play Putt-Putt with Christian.
  8. Watch the premiere of the 12th season of America's Next Top Model. Decide Fo is your new favorite to win, Tahlia is your new favorite to be eliminated.
  9. Learn how to make egg rolls.
  10. Start reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.
  11. Go over to Catherine and Bryan's house, eat pizza and brownies, watch The Office and 30 Rock again, e-file taxes, play with Catherine's new MacBook Pro.
  12. Stay up way late every night. Get up way late every morning.
  13. Get ready for a weekend out of town. Take a shower, pack, break your hair dryer, try to fix it, decide it's hopeless, go to Target to buy a new one. Finish packing.
  14. Visit Matt and Melissa in Charlotte for their baby's blessing. Spend 85% of your time there sleeping. Wonder why you are so tired.
  15. Put off getting ready to go back to school.


  1. and a few more annoying mom comments and questions. how did you do on your exams? what did you have to eat at the CKF (i always think you're trying to write KFC). congratulations on finishing atlas shrugged. glad you're home safe from charlotte. i love you.

  2. i'm reading kavalier and clay too! well, i started it before christmas then joel took it over and i haven't picked it back up again. he says it's good!

  3. I'm only three chapters in, but so far it is *so good.* I'm excited.