Important Thoughts 14.0

14.1: The dress transaction has been finalized. I went with the seller who suggested the Vogue pattern (she said she could easily attach sleeves to it, which is awesome) and the bamboo/cotton jersey fabric. I paid her $35.00, and I'll have it at least by April 26th. I am so excited.

14.2: I don't know if I went again too quickly after the last time, or if the booth lights were more intense than the bed lights, or if the acrylic sheet in the bed protects you more than the metal grille in the booth, or if I just stood with my back too close, but I went tanning yesterday, and I got burnt. Christian and I picked up some aloe (weird aloe, though, because it's clear, and also it says that you can use it for all kinds of things, like for hair gel and shaving gel and clear skin gel), and that has been helping a lot. Also, I feel really stupid.

14.3: My birthday is one month from today! Awesome!

14.4: So I was thinking last night about America's Next Top Model, and about how old would probably be too old to be on the show, and I decided 25. Twenty-five is definitely way too old to start a modeling career. I don't even know why they let people so old on the show. It's just not going to happen for them. Which is too bad, because Celia, who's on this cycle, is 25, and she might have done really well if it wasn't for the fact that she's way too old and she's got an old-woman-skeleton-bird face. Fact: the oldest contestant to ever win ANTM was Yoanna from Cycle 2, who was 23 when she won. Fact: Renee from Cycle 8 made it to third place in the competition and was then eliminated, even though she had the best Covergirl photo and commercial, because she looked too old, and she was only 20 at the time. Fact: there's no way Celia is going to do well on this season, and everyone should definitely pick someone younger for their favorite this cycle.

You tell me who looks older (Renee is on the left, Celia is on the right):


  1. why didn't you publish my comment? you DON"T think celia looks like a really scary guy with a really bad jerry lee lewis hairstyle?

  2. Mom, everyone knows that I'm not reviewing comments before they get published anymore. Clearly something went wrong on your end so that your comment didn't get published. So, not my mistake.

  3. So I randomly stumbled on this and it made my day. I totally forgot about Celia! Ha!