NC State Fair 2009

Christian and I went to the fair on Saturday. We were there for under two hours, but we still had a blast. Here's a quick synopsis of our fair experience:

We parked for free at Carter Finley. There was a quick tram ride to the fair entrance, during which we met a UNC football player and had a nice conversation about how not fun it is when you lose football games.

Immediately we went on all the rides we wanted in a row. Lines were not long at all. We went on the Fireball, the Super Slide, the Ferris Wheel, the Mega Drop, and the Haunted House. The Fireball and Mega Drop were absolutely awesome. The Haunted House was even lamer than we expected.

After all of our rides, we ate food. Christian had a polish sausage and lemonade, I had a footlong hot dog and lemonade, and we shared a bucket of miserably undercooked fries. Total: $30. Then Christian had some deep fried oreos and a frozen banana, and I had fried dough. Total: $way too much.

In the midst of our eating, it started to rain, so we got out our rain jackets and started the hike home. We got on a bus to go back to our car, but we got off at the wrong stop and ended up walking for about twenty minutes.

Here are all the pictures we took while at the fair (and, yes, the shirts are back):

Christian and I were on the Ferris Wheel by ourselves this year, which was not as cool. We had to sit opposite each other, for weight distribution purposes, and we had to take each other's picture.

This is just before we went on the Haunted House. Don't we look scared? Also, as a side note, my hair looked way better in real life than it appears in these pictures. Just so everyone knows.


  1. fun! we barely missed the UT state fair. It just happens before fair time. In september! lol. Oh well. Maybe next summer.

  2. Somehow the shirts look better this year...hmmmm...

    Looks like you had a great time. You looked totally scared. And I LOVE your hair!