Important Thoughts 15.0

15.1: I did a little redecorating around the old blog-piece. The black was feeling too dark and claustrophobic for spring. I needed something lighter, something refreshing, something uncluttered. So I went for white. I also moved my sidebars farther away from the main column of text -- everything was all cramped together. I moved some page elements around -- I put all of the mostly text elements on the left side of the page, and all of the mostly picture elements on the right side of the page. I also got rid of some page elements that I felt were unnecessary, like the "subscribe to" element -- I don't think anyone ever even came close to using that -- and I made the text size smaller. I think my blog is much more organized now. It feels good, for spring.

15.2: Speaking of spring, there always comes a time in spring when I find myself feeling claustrophobic about almost everything. I can't stand having curtains over the windows until it's completely dark outside, I won't wear long sleeves, dark colors, or real shoes even if the weather warrants it, I don't like to eat hot food, I can't sleep with the blankets over my feet, I take lukewarm showers, and (this may be a little too information for some people, so if you're easily freaked out, feel free to skip ahead to the next Important Thought) I wish I never had to wear clothes. Don't worry, I keep my clothes on, I just relish the naked moments.

15.3: Why did no one point out to me the fact that I misspelled "something" in my last post? I left off the g. Has my mother convinced everyone that I'm a terrible speller, or does no one read my posts very closely? Also, don't try to go back and check it -- it's already fixed.

15.4: I completed my first goal for 2009 yesterday. If you remember, Goal #5 was: "Watch the entire Seinfeld series." Well, I have watched every episode of every season of Seinfeld. And they were good. They were very good.

15.5: I've been working on my other goals for 2009 also, some with more diligence than others. I finished The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay last week. It was incredible. If I hadn't just read Atlas Shrugged, I would have said that Kavalier & Clay was the best book that I had read in a while. It was awesome not only because of the tender, heart-wrenching storyline (I found myself in tears at one point, which I feel is more significant now than it was when I sobbed over Sirius' death in Order of the Phoenix), but also because of the writing. Michael Chabon has an expert grasp on the English language, and his writing is beautiful. I loved it. As a sidenote, after Christian read Kavalier & Clay last year, he basically said, "That book was great, but I'm not recommending it to anyone." I feel the same way, especially in addressing what I'm pretty confident is a mostly LDS audience: take this book on at your own risk.

15.6: Only twelve days until my 23rd birthday. I am getting so old. (Only two more years and I'll be too old to start my modeling career.) Also, for my birthday, I'm getting the lovely present of a big fat buttload of 17th Century British Literature and History of the Scientific Revolution exams. Awesome.

15.7: Christian and I had our first anniversary on Sunday. It was so cool. Without planning anything together, we both went traditional and gave each other paper-themed gifts. Christian sent me on a treasure hunt all over the house to find my gift, which was books that I had been wanting. I gave Christian a watch, which isn't paper-ish at all, but I also made him this dot-to-dot on paper:

It's pretty complex, but he did a good job with it. One year down, only all the time in the universe to go.

15.8: Everyone should take the time to mull over these Important Thoughts. Because of upcoming exams and all the other work that I have due before the end of the semester, I'm following the example of several of my friends and taking a break from blogging for a while. I'll start up again once exams are over, but I just don't have the time right now, and I can't take people constantly telling me I need to blog all the time (which actually happens).


  1. good blog. i noticed the misspelling, but you aren't so very skilled at taking instructions and even constructive criticisms from me, so i didn't say anything. (superior mom attitude)

  2. I have a theory that you don't comment on my blog because I don't usually comment on yours. I'm testing the theory right now. See? I'm commenting.
    Glad you had a fun anniversary.
    Mom is not one to criticize typing skills.