Friday Night

Christian and I went ice skating Friday night with Joel and Rochelle. There's a {very small} temporary rink in downtown Raleigh that was crowded, but we had fun. Christian was much more sure of himself than I was {... or maybe he's just a better skater?}, doing spins and pushing kids down right and left. I was determined that, however awkward I might look, I wasn't going to fall down; however, Christian knocked me down at the end of the night, getting himself elbowed in the face in the process.

Afterward we went to the new Dunkin' Donuts on Western, which, it turns out, runs out of everything after about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We got some good doughnuts, but, at the recommendation of the {albeit, very generous} Dunkin' Donuts employee, got four white chocolate hot cocoas with caramel. Joel described them as looking like dirty dishwater, which they did, being a very strange shade of gray, and Rochelle described them as tasting like hot, sweet milk, after which Christian and decided he was through {because nothing grosses Christian out like warm milk}. It was definitely an adventure, and I love adventures.


  1. LOL!!! I can't believe you elbowed him in the face!!! I'm sure it was an accident...right? ;)


  2. The elbow actually wasn't mine... it was anonymous. We fell down in a large group of people, so we don't have any idea who did it.

    {Although I have to admit, immediately afterward I was in a mood to pay him back for making me fall.}