Thoughts on Last Year's Goals

Three hundred and seventy-six days ago, I wrote this post describing my goals for 2009.  I don't really like to read it; failure isn't a pleasant thing to face.  I probably wouldn't ever read it again, except that I feel the need for closure on those goals before I make new ones.  And since I was so public in my declaration of my 2009 goals, I want to be equally as public in evaluating how well I followed through with them.  It only seems fair.  I'm going to do them in reverse order, though.  It only seems easier that way.

Goal 5: Watch the entire Seinfeld series.  Completed.  I expected this goal to be incredibly easy, and it was.  Excellent.

Goal 4: Maintain regular personal scripture study, journal writing, and morning prayers.  My accomplishments in regards to personal scripture study and journal writing have not been satisfactory.  On the other hand, I have, finally, for the first time in my life, managed to establish a pattern of regular morning prayers.

Goal 3: Wear my retainer every night.  I began wearing my retainer again until I started experiencing daily migraines and jaw pain.  I then decided it wasn't worth it.  Adult braces, here I come.

Goal 2:  Read all the books on my "to-read" list.  Number of books read in 2009: one.  This one.

Goal 1:  Make all A's in school this semester.  This goal in particular is the one that I've been avoiding thinking about.  I don't really have words to express how terribly I messed this one up.  I could say things like "I almost failed most of my classes" or "I didn't try hard enough," but it doesn't really describe the situation very well.  I'm very disappointed in myself for doing so poorly.

What a depressing post; I'm sorry it's such a downer.  But 2009 wasn't all bad.  I'm going to collaborate with Christian and post a {quite belated} 2009 Year in Review, highlighting all the fun times and good moments.  Check back for it soon -- it'll be worth it.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, Mary! The things that you accomplished were great! Plus think of the things you got done that you didn't post or write down. Also, I'm glad you watch all of Seinfeld, but grown up braces are scary.

    Can't wait to see a year in review!

  2. Thanks, Catherine. I'm glad I watched all of Seinfeld, too. Every time I watch TV, I feel like I get closer to understanding everything Christian says.

    P.S. There's no way I'm ever getting adult braces. I'd rather have Will Ferrell teeth.