Diana Beach Pictures

I brought my Diana with us when we visited the beach in July, but I've only just gotten around to getting the pictures developed.  I realized after taking the ones of Christian and I together that I had forgotten to change the focus, which is why we're so blurry and that man behind us with the plastic cup in his hand is so clear.  I'm still getting used to the whole advance roll, check shutter speed, check aperture setting, check focus procedure before I snap a picture.  The ocean was too beautiful for me not to use up half my roll trying to capture it -- the one with Christian striding into the water was my last attempt, and my favorite.  I'm looking forward to another beach trip {this time with several members of Christian's family} tomorrow!


  1. Love these pics Mary. I have the same adjustment problem to the lomography camera. I keep forgetting I can't just point and shoot. I think the ones of you and Christian turned out cute. Blurry just adds character.

  2. i love the retro colors on the prints on the diana. i had a kodak instamatic camera (with a flashbulb on the top) in high school, and the colors of the pictures i took during that era exactly match the colors in yours. especially the ocean.

    love you.