An I'm-Still-Alive Post

{Salt Lake City Temple, flowers in Temple Square, view of the mountains from my grandparents' house, catching up with Amy & Ashton, Christian cuddling with Pumpkin}

I know it's been 19 days since I posted last.  Six of those days can be explained away by our trip to Utah; for the other thirteen I have no excuse, except maybe that constantly designing other people's blogs sometimes gets me a little bored of the whole blogging enterprise.

Our trip to Utah was wonderful.  We did more people-seeing than sight-seeing, and spent a lot of time talking and eating with friends and no time, for example, going to Lagoon or doing a session in the SLC Temple.  We did walk around Temple Square, but we waited until Saturday to do it, which meant that the temple closed early and the Conference Center was {obviously} closed to prepare for the Relief Society Broadcast.  We didn't even hit any of the classic Utah eateries that I was hoping to visit, including In-N-Out Burger, and Cafe Rio.

The people we saw definitely made up for it.  I realized {not for the first time} that I am incredibly awkward around people who I feel don't know me very well.  Thank goodness I married Christian, who is an absolute wizard in conversation -- he often saved me from looking like a socially inept idiot.  {Also, he's way hilarious.}

As great as our trip was, I'm so glad to be back.  We both are.  Sleeping in our own bed has never felt so wonderful.


  1. I am also awkward. Sometimes I greet people I have never met by saying "WOW, you're tall!" and then try to recover the conversation by complementing your rad mint heels. hahahahaha. We had a great time with you guys. Hopefully we can figure out how to do it again.

  2. I'm glad you had a good trip! I was on the phone with Meredith when you guys called, and we were both like, this is probably important! That's cool you got together! It looks like you got some film for the polaroid?