One Month Pictures

For those of you keeping track, the babies actually hit their one-month mark on April 20th. I'm a little late with these pictures. And if you can do date math in your head {I couldn't, and had to pull out my trusty calendar to count the days}, you'll realize that "a little" means two weeks. I'm hoping that at this point, in whatever way I fall short in my life, and however short I fall, people will forgive me and chalk it up to the fact that I have twins and spend most of my energy keeping them alive.

Ever since I saw this idea on Pinterest, I wanted to try to copy it. I only have my point-and-shoot camera, I made letters that were way too big, and holy cannoli is it hard to get them both clean and awake and quiet at the same time, but I'm reasonably pleased with how this picture turned out. As a quick reminder, that's Maggie on the left, and Max on the right.

Christian's been teasing me lately that I've become a mommy blogger, and I guess it's true: my last six posts have been about the babies. It's hard not to talk about them when my world revolves around them right now. Besides, they're just so adorable with their round toes and neck rolls and pudgy thighs, it's hard to imagine that anyone would want to hear about anything else. {I might be a little biased about the perfection of my offspring}.


  1. Oh they are so cute and getting so chubby. :)

  2. I am ok with you becomming a little mommy-blogger-ish. I kind of enjoy hearing all about your babies!

  3. Whatever to Christian! If he had a blog (which somehow I could believe that he had a secret one) he'd probably have all his posts about the babies too!! Everyone totally wants to see the cutest Plautz twins so keep on with it! Oh, and gorgeous pic idea!

  4. Those are the cutest little boy and girl twins I have ever seen in my whole life.

    Biased? Well, a little bit!

  5. Cute babies... love the picture idea for each month. I wish I had been that creative with my twins. Keep surviving!

  6. Well, I've become a pregnancy blogger...I look back at my posts before and am like, how did I ever think of this stuff before?

    It's okay, embrace it!

  7. That last picture just made me squeal with glee. Look at the PUDGE!

    Seriously, they're just gorgeous wee beasties.