Decisions, Decisions

Since writing this post, my life has changed only a little. I'm a week and a half closer to my due date, and newbaby's room {apart from painting odds and ends that just need to be cleared away} is finished. I even organized newbaby's closet, which is kind of a big deal.

It might sound boring, but otherwise I'm trying for things to stay the same. That upbeat attitude of readiness is one that I'd like to keep for the rest of my pregnancy. It's exciting, knowing that newbaby could come at any time, planning what I'd do if suddenly my water broke, counting the number of contractions I have in a given hour. I certainly prefer it to impatience and discouragement, which I know are my alternative.

Also, more than I ever expected, I'm filled with gratitude. These are the last few days Max and Maggie and I will have together, just the three of us. Our life together as it has been is ending, and as hard as it's been, it's also been the most wonderful thing ever to happen to me. I feel blessed to have had my two babes all to myself during the day, and blessed that I have two arms to carry them at the same time, two sides of my lap {divided by a big baby belly} for them to sit on while we read books.

My body is certainly uncomfortable, but I can't regret that newbaby hasn't come already. If s/he had, I would have missed Max learning how to sign "please" during lunch on Monday, smearing peanut butter all over his shirt. I would have missed Maggie saying "hi" every three seconds yesterday, which would have been a shame, because it was adorable. I know there's a lot I'm not going to be around for once newbaby decides to arrive, and I'm not anxious for that to happen any time soon.

But oh, my newbaby! I am anxious to meet you. I know seeing your tiny face will make everything worth it, even if it means {and it will} that I have less time for your brother and sister.

I guess it's a good thing that I don't get to decide when I go into labor.


  1. Can we just mention that adorable pony spike on Maggie's head?! It is so stink' cute.

    Though you are the winner of being anxious to meet newbaby and I'd like to think that I'm close to having that amount. I LOVE my nieces and nephews so much that I am just filled with excitment and love for any new ones.

    I forget that these are the last days with you as a family of four. I'm glad you're savoring them. Love you!

  2. Haha, stink cute...I meant stinkin' cute. :)

  3. Ack!! When did Max start looking like a little boy instead of a baby! I love seeing picture of your little ones! I am so impressed with your attitude at this stage in your pregnancy. I think for the next one (which will be many, many moons from now) I'll try to keep that kind of attitude! Good luck in these last few days and may you have an easy, uncomplicated birth!