A Few Hospital Pictures

I've been meaning to put up these pictures from our time in the hospital for a few days now, but something always seems to be preventing me. Not that I mind; these obstacles usually take the form of playtime with Max and Maggie, cuddle time with Lucy, or relaxing time with Christian -- all activities that I find more engaging and enjoyable than blogging. I'm taking it for granted that everyone understands and accepts why I've been so absent from the blog lately.

Our birthing experience with Lucy was so different than it was with Max and Maggie -- Christian didn't try to take pictures of me while I was in labor, for one thing. Also I had Lucy right on my due date, instead of seven weeks early, which meant that I got to hold her right after she was born, instead of having her whisked away to the NICU. It was so amazing, she was born and I heard the nurse say "it's a girl!" and Christian and I started laughing and crying out of sheer joy that our little newbaby had finally arrived.

It's still mind-blowing to me, that Lucy is the little tadpole that kicked around in my belly for nine months. We have so much love for her already.


  1. Congrats again! What a beautiful family!! Take as long of a blog break as you want/need!

  2. Love this!!! Congratulations.

  3. That is probably the best "family-picture-after-delivery" I have ever seen! Mary you look/are gorgeous. And even though the twins are looking away, Lucy is tucked away in Christians' arms, and it's like you and Christian are looking right at the camera like, "Yeah, we got this." haha, love it! congrats on new baby Lucy! Love her name! yay for a new baby girl!

  4. oh mary, congratulations!!! newbaby is beautiful and lucy is a gorgeous, gorgeous name (fitting, for a seriously gorgeous baby). you look so glowing and beautiful--it's unbelievable!

    much, much happiness to your sweet family in this happy time! XOXO

  5. congrats mary! she is beautiful. and you look fabulous. wishing you lots of love (and hopefully some sleep!) in the coming weeks!