Photoshoot Style

It's been almost two whole years since Christian and I have had a family picture taken. And since we've had three whole kids {plus an extra thumb} during that time, I think we're ready for another. I've been talking to a local photographer whose pictures I absolutely love, and also thinking of who in our extended family I can drag along to help keep our kids happy during the whole thing. Because I forsee meltdowns in Max's future if we take him outside and then try to keep him still for too long. That boy loves to explore! {Maybe our photographer can get some good shots of him with his stick collection?}

I'm a little embarrassed of how excited I am for this opportunity. {I mean, it's not that big of a deal, really.} And I've spent way too long thinking about what everyone is going to wear. I'm picturing blue and red in different graphic patterns, with gold and brown leather accents. I want everyone to look nice, but also comfortable, like we don't take ourselves too seriously, and like I didn't pick out Christian's clothes for him {even though I totally will}.

While the truth is that we'll all probably end up wearing clothes we already own, I put together an inspiration board of ideal outfits for everyone:

{for Christian: shirt, jeans, shoes // for Me: dress, bracelet // for Maggie: dress, shoes // for Max: suspenders, shirt, shorts // for Lucy: sweater, dress, shoes}

What do you think? What did you wear in your most recent family pictures? And do you have any tips on how to keep kids happy {and clean} during a photoshoot?


  1. you guys will look adorable i'm sure! enjoy

  2. I have no tips--we look horrible in photos. BUT, we're looking to get family photos anyhow... so I was wondering who's taking yours?

  3. Oh I love it!!!! Do you live near Lindsay? I love her stuff!! As far as tips go- if your kids have a "happiest time" of day, try for that, also comfortable clothes (which you look like you're got covered), somewhere not too hot or cold, snacks (less messy unless it's afterwards) and water (or milk), and if it's okay with your photographer, bring a friend that can help you with your littles; you might not all be in every single picture. And ask your photographer if they have any tips. :) Can't wait to see them!!!

  4. I haven't done true family shots yet but I recall a photographer friend saying that marshmellows are the best treat to keep the little ones happy because they're clean and don't get anything messy.
    Also if you have any small toys, like a car, that Max could hold and wouldn't show up in the pictures, maybe he wouldn't run away? Think I've seen this trick before...

  5. I love love love your inspiration board. I think the subtle red, white, and blue (with touches of gold) color palette is perfection.

    I don't have any tips. In our last photo session it was all we could do to get a few shots of Tate smiling. But, I am so excited to see the pictures!

  6. I LOVE family pictures! and am not embarrassed to admit we take them far too often :) love your little inspiration board.

    I'm a new follower and have a little Maggie of my own :)

  7. my tip is in the form of a parable. your aunt kathy loves her ducks, and she made them a pond. the trouble was, they kept mucking up the pond. so she went online and researched her problem, and the answer was unanimous: keep the ducks out of the pond.

    one more tip: don't make any major decisions (like adoption, divorce) when you're in the grip of raging anger and frustration.

  8. My advice is to just know ahead of time that it's going to be stressful, so be ready to shake it off and laugh. If you all feel stressed, it will probably show in the pictures. Laugh. Tell the photographer to go ahead and take pictures even if everyone isn't looking at the camers. Sometimes those action, moving, interacting shots are the best ones because they are natural. And, decide which shots are most important to you (like, a good family picture is your first priority), and tell the photographer to focus on that first while everyone is happy.

  9. I like your outfit ideas! They have a great theme throughout. I hate when they all wear the same color solid shirt. Maybe have some ideas for back up outfits in case they end up getting dirty during or just before the shoot. I agree, decide what you want most and go for those first, you don't want to leave the shot you really want until the end and it end up not working out.