For Your Monday

There's not much to this post, just a little something I thought might brighten your Monday:

That's my Lovey! She is somehow growing up into not such a tiny baby anymore. Filling out a six-month-size sleeper that Maggie didn't wear until she was nine months old? Lucy, what are you doing to your mama's heart??

And look at all those sweet chubs! I just want to eat her all up, and she smells like heaven. Truly, I am convinced she's the easiest happiest prettiest fattest sweetest babe there ever was. The eyes! The cheeks! The sleeping through the night! Bless you, dear Lucy, my magic baby.


  1. These pictures are incredible. I cannot believe how grown up she is!

  2. Those sweet chubby cheeks are pretty adorable.

  3. I love chunky happy babies! She is just so chunky I want to sqeeze her. Her eyes are so big and beautiful!