Alone Time {Kind Of}

I've been having a hard time figuring out my blogging schedule lately. Part of it is that I have zero minutes to myself during the day. Between three kids and two nap schedules, someone is always awake and eager to bang on the keys of my laptop. Even if I could figure out how to peel their fingers off me and get some work done, I don't know if I like the idea of staring at a computer screen instead of reading another pigeon book, or building another block tower, or even putting someone in time out again. Interacting with my kids at this age is precious {I'm not going to apologize for how mushy that sounds}, and I'm not going to miss one frustrating, peanut butter-covered minute of it.

Since I don't ever get time alone while Christian is at work {no, not even in the bathroom}, I try to trick myself into thinking that I get time alone. While Max and Maggie are asleep, Lucy and I have a few golden afternoon hours that we spend together. It's not the same kind of quiet as solitude, and it's probably not what I would pick if given the choice, but it gets me through the day. I watch old episodes of Parenthood while Lucy rolls around on the floor and amuses herself by picking up books, one after the other, and setting them back down. I fold laundry and Lucy un-folds laundry. I dance and she laughs at me. I eat popcorn and stinky cheese, she eats {carefully selected kernels of} popcorn and gnaws on apple slices.

And now, here are some more pictures of Lucy sitting in her highchair, because that's always the moment when I think of grabbing my camera:


  1. She is adorable!
    It is hard finding the perfect time to fit in alone/blogging time. Mine usually occurs while the big kids are at school and the baby is napping, but soon, I will have a newborn on my lap again. And that's okay. Because time goes by too quickly!

  2. You make the right choice. I get sad when I think of how much time I have spent getting frustrated with Tate for wanting my attention while I'm on my computer.

    Do you think Lucy's nap schedule might become more like the twins in the next few months? Maybe that is just wishful thinking. :)

  3. She's the prettiest.

    I keep wishing I had time to blog during the day, but it always happens at night. I write better at night anyway.

  4. Lucy really is such a cutie. I'm hoping their nap schedules start lining up...wouldn't that be amazing to have al three asleep at the same time?! You wouldn't know what to do with yourself!