I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Anything More Adorable

When I went to visit my mother on Wednesday, she gave me a package of diapers as a present.  They're the tiniest diapers I've ever seen, and definitely the most adorable.  I think it's good they're so charmingly small; I don't think my body is up to housing two nine-pound babies.  I can't stop looking at them.  I kind of want to tie ribbons to them and hang them on our Christmas tree:

My mom and I spent the rest of my visit snuggled on the couch, talking about everything that came to mind.  We talked about how wonderful getting married in the temple is, and how long it takes my dad to answer questions, and spiritual thoughts I had after our most recent Sunday School lesson.  We looked at my ultrasound pictures and exclaimed over how cute their little feet are.  It was very cozy and peaceful, and I had a hard time leaving.  Mom suggested I put my feet up and take a nap instead.

I really can't wait until we have a roomful of supplies waiting for our babies.  It seems like forever away.  I hope the time passes quickly.


  1. Aww newborn diapers are super cute! BTW we only went through two packs of newborn sized diapers before we needed size one.

  2. you just need to have a baby shower and we'll all set you up!