Important Thoughts 22.0

{image via weheartit}

22.1:  Mostly I don't hate eating the powder that accumulates at the bottom of a bag of cereal, and I actually kind of like the sawdust-y texture it lends to my last bowl of Cheerios, but the Frosted Mini-Wheats powder is a whole different story.  For one thing, there always seems to be about half a cup of it, which is way too much.  For another, it's basically straight-up sugar, and while I can feel healthy eating Frosted Mini-Wheats the normal way {because of the fiber}, I can't feel healthy when I've dumper half a cup of additional sugar in my bowl.  I normally wouldn't find this topic very interesting, but I just finished off our box of Frosted Mini-Wheats this morning, and it's on my mind.

22.2:  I need to do better about blogging.  Most of you, if you follow my blog closely, have probably already noticed this.  Know that I have also noticed, and have resolved to do better.  On the other hand, most of you, if I follow your blog at all, could do with posting a little more often as well.  Out of the forty blogs I have listed in my blogroll on ye olde sidebar, 28 belong to people I know; however, out of the ten that have been updated most recently, only one belongs to someone I have actually met in person.  Mostly this leads me to the thought that we are not good bloggers, guys.  But I think we can do better.

22.3:  Being pregnant is different than I thought it would be, and I now understand why people have been asking me if I was "uncomfortable yet."  At first I was like, "you mean is it irritating that I have to go to the bathroom all the time?  Because that's not so much an issue for me."  But I get it.  I am now uncomfortable.  I have a hard time sleeping, I have a hard time moving around, sometimes I have a hard time sitting and watching TV.  My knees hurt, my back hurts, my hips hurt.  I think all the discomfort has to do with the forty extra pounds I've gained in the last several months, but I could be wrong.  All that being said, I love being pregnant.  I love feeling the babies kick inside me {this has not yet become uncomfortable to experience}.  I love buying tiny things for them to wear.  I mostly love knowing that once Christian gets home, our little family is all together -- that is awesome.


  1. 22.2 definitely applies to me.

  2. I say blog when you want, M! But to give me something to do at work and make your conscience feel better, feel free to blog more.

    Can't wait to meet Max & Maggie!