A Massive Post About Clothes

One of the things I've been looking forward to about {finally!} having these babies in April is getting to kiss their roly-poly feet. The other thing is losing baby weight and being able to fit into normal clothes again. I'm only slightly kidding -- I really do daydream about my ideal spring wardrobe, and how I could be such an awesome, cute yet practical yet really really cute mom in new clothes. Indulge me in my fantasy world for a few minutes, and let me share what I've been thinking. I'm loving reds, blues and yellows right now, and I've been trying to focus in on clothes that would really work for my new life with babies. Behold, my brainstorm:

1.  Several {not nine, but maybe like three} button-down tops. I'm especially in love with the red & blue plaids. My reasoning is, they're easy to move around in, the buttons provide easy nursing access, and they're cotton, so it's no big deal if I get them dirty. I also think that they could be a quick go-to outfit for when I have five seconds to get dressed in the morning. Add a few accessories {belt, statement necklace, scarf}, and I'm halfway to an awesome outfit.

2.  Stylish and comfortable flats, so I won't look awkward pushing around my tandem stroller or running after kids at the park {I have the tendency to look awkward just while walking in heels}.  I'd also love a pair of gladiator sandals, so that my feet don't get sweaty in the summer, but I couldn't find a picture of ones that I like.

3.  A couple of cardigans to add some color and pattern. I don't know how long I've been drooling over the idea of a red cardigan -- maybe since last Valentine's Day? It's probably about time I got my hands on one.

4.  A few pairs of skinny cropped pants. I can't imagine taking care of two babies in skirts, and it's hard to find shorts that are both cute and modest. I love the idea of cropped pants because I can quickly roll up the cuffs as the weather gets warmer, and they definitely fit the magic bill of fashionable + easy.

5.  A pencil skirt in a bright color. {Ooh, and I would totally pair it with this blouse.} This is just because I am head-over-heels in love with the teal pencil skirt that I have now; I wore it to church constantly before I got pregnant.


6.  A couple of floaty cotton dresses, just for fun. I can barely keep myself from purchasing the first two {the main thing holding me back is the fact that I don't know what the heck size I'll be after the babies come, and I don't want to splurge on an adorable dress just to have it not fit me}. Obviously these would be impossible to nurse in, so they're less practical and more eye candy. A girl can dream, right?

Thank you {those of you who stuck around} for sticking around and sharing my dreams with me. Thinking about the future makes the present better, even though the present is already pretty darn awesome.


  1. Um. That cream button up from Anthro. Dream shirt. I've tried it on and almost drooled all over it. You would love it too. I know it.

  2. Yay a clothing post. I can't wait to wear regular clothes again too. And I like your preggo pic. You look very cute.

  3. so fun! i had a really hard time nursing in dresses though so maybe hold off on those? or maybe not! maybe go nuts just for fun, you earned it, mama! ;)