Happy {Early} Valentine's Day!

A couple days ago Christian asked me if I wouldn't mind getting my Valentine's Day present on Saturday instead of Monday. Always excited at the idea of getting presents, and even more eager at the prospect of getting presents early, I quickly agreed. He came home with a bouquet of roses, and I was happy. I love flowers.

However, as we were driving home from Wade's handball game, Christian started digging in his back pocket, and handed me an envelope. Inside was a coupon book made out of notebook paper and duct tape, which I thought was adorable. I started flipping through {after Christian corrected me as to which side was the front}, and was charmed by the coupons for one kiss, one hug, one high-five, and one back scratch. The next sent me reeling. "One laptop computer." Say whaaaaaat?

He outdid himself again. He spoils me, and I love him for it. I love him for a lot of things, and this isn't the most important, but it did make today very fun. Thanks, Ace -- you're my favorite.

P.S. When picking out a laptop, my requirements were "a good one that comes in yellow," which didn't make the selection process very easy at all. In fact, the Best Buy employee we talked to seemed like he had no idea what I was talking about. How hard is it to understand "I want one that's pretty"?

P.P.S. Just now I turned to Christian and said, "Isn't this fun? Both of us on our laptops? If we ever chatted online, we could talk to each other through the computer." And since we're re-watching Oceans Thirteen, he said, "It would be quieter."

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  1. Congrats Mary and welcome to the laptop club. So which one did you end up getting and is it yellow?

    Ima tell you right now that I love the fact that my laptop is pink. It just makes me happier to have a pretty color!