Important Thoughts 23.0

23.1: Max is a crazy boy. Now that he can crawl, he doesn't want to hold still for anything. Christian and I have several times given up mid-diaper change and just let him scoot around for a while with a naked bottom. Nap time is worse, when he wants to explore his crib and smash the bumper down so he can look around his room. {You might think that means he's not tired, but he def-def-definitely is; it's the saddest thing to watch him patting his crib slats and sobbing at the same time because he's completely exhausted and yet just won't lay down.}

23.2: I decree that Maggie is the princessiest of princess babies. She likes to be held so much that she only just learned to roll over onto her tummy. {Seriously, baby? You are nine months old tomorrow!} She also has a very clear ranking system when it comes to who she likes to hold her. Mommy, obviously, is tier #1. Daddy falls into tier #2, and other relatives she knows qualify for tier #3. People she doesn't know aren't permitted to touch her at all, or look at her for too long. Her I-want-Mommy-all-the-time attitude is both frustrating and a tiny bit endearing.

23.3: We're so looking forward to the babies' first Christmas. I bought them Christmas pajamas {which I plan to make a tradition in our family}, but really did my best not to go overboard with presents. Really really. We're going to wrap up some extra boxes to make under the tree look extra special, and because we think that unwrapping boxes might be the most exciting part of Christmas for nine-month-olds.

23.4: I decided this year to make matching stockings for our family, and I love how they turned out. Despite my personal feelings toward them, I was surprised the reaction they got when I posted a couple pictures of them on Instagram. Mostly because they were super duper easy to make. Here's how it went: I bought some felt stockings at Target for one dollar each. I printed out our names in a font I liked, then pinned it to the inside of the stocking. Since the tops of the stockings are white, I could easily see through to the paper. Then, I backstitched through the paper and fabric together with embroidery floss. When I was done, I tore the paper off {carefully}, and voila! Done. Not that I'm done with the stockings yet; I have a few more embellishments to add. Embellishments that Christian thinks make Maggie's stocking look like it's more for Valentine's Day than Christmas. But whatevs.


  1. Ok I really really do need to see those sweet babies soon! And Lily went from finally rolling to her tummy to scooting around in a month. I think some babies don't see the purpose until they have the desire to move.

  2. Oh my goodness, Mary. You have the most beautiful babies ever! (I'm sure you already know that, though.) You are one of those people that needs to have 15 children because your kids are so good looking. Seriously.

  3. Super cute stockings! My twins didn't start crawling till at least 11/12 months. One of them didn't start walking till 15 months (Jared). Don't worry... once the mobile stage starts it will be crazy! I am still in it. :)

  4. @Hannah: Yes, and with Maggie I think her reasoning is, "Why do I need to go through the effort of moving myself when you can just pick me up? And bring me that toy? And hold me all day long?" Max is a mess about getting into everything {and trying to pull plugs out of their sockets, and wanting to chew on computer cords}, but I still think I'll be really happy when Maggie finally learns to crawl.

    @Lisa: Thanks! I do think they're adorable, but I also think I'm biased because I'm their mother. But still, truly adorable. :) And I did a little math... at the rate we're going, it would only take us another four and a half years to hit 15 kids. Definitely, we're going to slow this family-growing down.

    @Nelsonjeneen: Thanks! And it's good to hear about later crawling. Usually all I hear is moms bragging about how early their babies learn to do things {although they have good intentions, I think}, and it's been a little hard not comparing my babies' accomplishments with others. And yes, I imagine the more babies moving around, the crazier life will be.

  5. adorbs.
    that diaper hating thing will continue. my little guy who's a year now bolts when the diapers comes off. i don't mind letting him run around naked for a bit. i love seeing his little dimply buttcheeks. :) merry christmas!