When Christian and I discussed our family's goals for 2012, we decided on three. Three seems like a good number for us. Considering how we fall onto the couch after the babies are asleep in their beds and sigh our grateful sighs that the most stressful part of the day is over, three is enough to be thinking about.

For the first half{-ish} of the year, we want to work on welcoming a healthy and happy newbaby into our family. We know that we only have control over this to a certain extent, but it is our dear hope that newbaby will come into the world in an entirely unexceptional manner. No early labor, no extended hospital stay, no superfluous thumbs that need to be surgically removed later.

For the second half, we want to try very hard not to get pregnant again. A large family is our dream, but three children every fourteen months is kind of a break-neck pace, and not one we want to keep up. {Christian did the math. At this rate, it would only take us six years to have 15 kids. Yowza.} Let me emphasize, we are so incredibly grateful for the blessing of children in our lives. We just also want to partake of the glorious blessing of successful family planning.

Our third goal is to watch all 15 seasons {and 331 episodes} of ER.

*image from The Glow


  1. So i love your goals... and now am wishing I had set a goal to watch all of ER... oh well, maybe next year.

  2. I enjoy these goals very much. My goal post (lol!) on my blog is coming soon, though I made these on my birthday.