My Valentine

Christian and I aren't doing anything for Valentine's Day this year. Or, more accurately, we aren't doing anything on Valentine's Day this year. No cards, no flowers, no gifts, no heart-shaped anything.

*photo by Steffanie Ling

Our very first Valentine's Day together, we were engaged. Christian took me out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, which is where we had our very first date. We ended up having a miserable evening and at one point during dinner he thought I was going to call everything off. {I didn't.} I couldn't eat anything. We patched things up in that way where there was nothing left to say about what happened, but neither of us felt quite back to normal. Then as we were driving back to his apartment, he gave me a pink iPod nano, and I loved it. I loved that it was pink. I loved him.

I dislike the idea that Valentine's Day should be a big deal, that my man should get me gifts and make romantic Plans {with a capital P, no less}. If it's really about celebrating our relationship, the love that we share, and the fact that we so enjoy being together, then shouldn't we just enjoy being together?

Last Saturday Christian and I had a stay-at-home date night. After we put the babies to bed, we sat on the couch and watched a movie. Christian let me pick the movie, and we watched The Family Stone, because I love it and I didn't get the chance to see it over Christmas. We ate the Entenmann's coffee cake and Krispy Kreme doughnuts we bought from Harris Teeter when we were supposed to be just dropping off plastic bags for recycling. {I ate four fifths of that coffee cake by myself, and in less than fifteen minutes. I blame newbaby.} Towards the end he cleared off the space between us, came close, and laid his head in my lap. It was perfect.

*photo by meriiram

I should mention, in all honesty, that we do have Plans this week -- Plans that we would have made regardless of their proximity to Valentine's Day. We're going to see Les Miserables on Thursday and I.am.so.excited.

Do you have any big plans for today? This week? Any Valentine's Day memories or strong opinions on Valentine's Day observance you'd like to share? I'd love to hear all about them!


  1. Even though I 100% agree with enjoying time together, I still LOVE getting flowers, eating chocolate, and finding another excuse to find a perfect present.

    Big plans? I'm seeing Les Mis too. Weird. We should meet up or something...(P.S. I can hardly contain myself I'm so excited too!!!!)

    I love you and your husband and your babies!!! HVD!

  2. We don't do much for valentine's day either....I think its a little silly to be honest. But with that said I do enjoy using it as an excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate and cookies...all the while telling myself that there are no calories on this day.

    This morning though my husband gave me a card, and inside it were 2 cute polaroids of our son holding a giant box of chocolates, which I later discovered were under his rocker...that was pretty cute and those polaroids are more priceless than any gift.

    1. What a beautiful gift! I love little gestures like that, that say "I love you" in such a special way. You're a lucky woman -- I hope your family has a wonderful Valentine's Day together!

  3. Amen! I do think that we should treasure that bond and friendship and love every day. It is a day though that makes me step back and treasure what I have, the simple things that love can offer... just like what you have described. Great post!

  4. Valentines Day seems to cause more problems than anything. Last year, due to budgetary and time constraints, we opted to do nothing. Except when he said nothing, I thought we would at least exchange cards. So, I made him a card and gave it to him, and he said, I thought we weren't doing anything!? Long story short he attempted to nonchalantly go to the grocery store at 9 at night and brought home flowers. It was so awkward.

    Tonight we are going to treat ourselves to a movie, in the theater. Because we never go anymore. And the local theater is having free pop corn night. Bonus.

    1. I love casual movie dates for Valentine's.

      And I admit, part of the reason I've come to appreciate celebrating the holiday low-key is because of our first married V-Day. Christian bought me a car the weekend before and told me that was it -- no nothing the day of. I tried not to hope for some small gesture, but I couldn't help myself, and was a little bit expecting him to bring home flowers or pass me a note or something. But, true to his word, he did nothing. I know it was unfair of me, but I was disappointed. Since then, I try not to heap ridiculous expectations on him. I want to be happy with him, since that's the whole point of Valentine's Day, right?

  5. Hooray for Les Mis! I don't really care if valentine's day is a big gift or money spending day- actually I'd prefer that it isn't. I don't want to wait forever at a restaurant or fight any crowds. We usually have heart shaped meatloaf and roasted red potatoes b/c my mom made heart shaped meatloaf and pink mashed potatoes for valentine's day growing up. I skipped the pink coloring this year b/c I'm trying to cut out the artificial stuff and actually made the dinner yesterday b/c tonight my husband has Scouts. I probably should've decorated b/c I know my daughter would love it but since the bar is so low this year, we can only go up. hahaha.