On Babies Growing Up

Christian and I play a game wherein we pretend that March 20th is never going to happen again. Our babies will be eleven months and 28 days old on March 19th, and then the world will stop. Time will no longer move forward, and our babies will never be one year old. How could they? It was just weeks ago that we brought them home from the hospital.

In my heart I've already resigned myself to the inevitable. Refusing to acknowledge how old they are doesn't keep me from seeing how big they've gotten. Or how much they've learned. Or the growing up they've done.

Maggiebaby is finally taking an interest in crawling. She loves to scoot around on the floor like an inchworm; I think she realizes that sometimes the only way to get what she wants is to get it for herself. For example, I'm never going to hand her dust bunnies to eat. That's gross. But when she's on her belly she can move around and pick up all the little fuzz balls she wants, and she seems to want all of them. She can even stick them in her mouth when I'm not looking. Sneaky Maggie. {Sneaky like Buddy.}

Max got his first haircut today. I put him in a polo shirt and saw {to my horror!} that he had a little mullet peeking over the collar. Since I happen to know that mullets aren't Max's style, and since I wouldn't trust anyone else with scissors near my son's head, I sat him in his booster seat and trimmed those shaggy hairs away. I admit it, it broke my heart. I almost cried when the first lock of my baby's hair fell to the floor. Then when we were done I changed him into two-piece pajamas. He is turning into just the biggest boy.

What happened to my tiny little grasshopper babies?


  1. Oh they are so cute. It's such a blessing that each stage has fun parts and things to look forward to. :) I'm so glad I haven't had to cut hair yet. Good job keeping that mullet at bay. :)

  2. I can't believe their first birthday is so close. Sometimes I think they are the same age as Tate because we had similar due dates. It's incredible how much they change in such a short amount of time.

    I keep trying to figure out if I should give Tate a haircut. He has a patch of hair behind his ear (one ear, can't even have symmetry) that is about an inch and a half long. The rest of his hair is maybe 1/4 of an inch. Steve says I can't cut off the only hair he has, but sometimes he looks so disheveled.

  3. Sometimes I actually can't believe how much they've grown. But when you showed me these pictures last week I was in shock. I mean, I remember them FINALLY coming home from the hospital and how teeny tiny they were. I love seeing them grow and explore and find new things. And also I really need their first birthday to come so that newbaby can come shortly thereafter. I love me some Plautz babies!!!