I Am...

...laughing at Max climbing in and out of kitchen cabinets. It's one of his many hobbies {along with collecting sticks, chewing on cords, and smashing food with just one finger} that I don't understand.

...obsessed with painting our living room white. I'm ready for walls that are clean and bright and fresh. So much that I almost can't stand it. So much that I sometimes contemplate staying up all night long to do it by myself.

...inviting everyone to come over to my house when they're having a hard time. I will listen to you talk while you smell Lucy's head. Seriously, it will help you feel better.

...giving my children markers to color with. So if you wondered about my sanity, yeah, it's all gone.

...eating Nutella on mini croissants for breakfast. It's like heaven in my mouth. {I also usually have a fruit/spinach/oat/almond milk smoothie on the side, so that tips the scale back toward nutritious, right?}

...listening to Lucy cough in her sleep. She's been a little sicky baby, with a runny nose during the day and coughs at night. Poor girl! Is there anything sadder than an unhealthy babe?

...still watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I'm on season five. The story lines are becoming more and more ludicrous, but I can't look away. How did this happen?

...missing my friend Madeline. Because how often do you have someone interested in talking about all of the exact same things you are just sitting on your couch? Almost never, that's how often.

...craving Asian-inspired foods. Orange chicken and sushi, please! But only if I get to eat them with chopsticks.

...going about my life as usual and then suddenly thinking, "I've dreamed this before." Have you ever had that feeling? It drives me crazy, trying to remember if I actually have.

...impatiently waiting for another one of these tees to arrive at my door. I bought one weeks ago and wear it almost constantly {like five-times-a-week constantly}, so when I saw they were on sale {for $12.99!} I seized the opportunity. Now I'm listening for the rumbling sounds of a UPS truck bringing happiness my way.

Idea for this post from my wish-she-were-my pallie, Natalie.


  1. Max and Sydney should hang out. I'd love to see what they could do to a kitchen.

    I'm with you on Grey's too. I'm in season 5 on Netflix and voiced to Jericho how sometimes when I'm supposed to find these stories sad, I just find them funny because they're so completely crazy. Like the girl who shot her dad 17 times. Jericho's response: "There's no gun that a child could hold that also holds enough for 17 rounds."

    1. I've lost count of the number of times two people are arguing all up in each other's faces and then (dramatic pause) start making out. I mean, really. That NEVER happens in real life.

      Max and Sydney should definitely hang out. Play date?

    2. Yeah man, Sydney needs exposure to more than her lazy mama these days. I'll be in touch if we manage to make it that far from home in the next few weeks.

  2. i'll be crazy and stay up and help you paint!

    1. So I'll just call you some night this week at 1 am then?

    2. Shoot, I have been up til 1 am every night this week... which of course means I've been zombie mom every day too.

      So maybe I don't really want to paint in the middle of the night, but we could attempt a painting party with a couple of us so we switch off which mom works the crowd of babies and which moms paint.

  3. First, I miss you too. A lot. I miss talking to you, watching the babies play, and snuggling sweet Lucy (that baby is pure magic).

    Also Greys just gets more and more absurd. When you get to the finale of 7, you'll want to pinch your tv.

    PS - I love this post format.

    1. *punch* your tv.

      Autocorrect ruins everything.

  4. The only thing worse than a sick sniffley baby is a sick sniffley baby and a sick sniffley mom. There seems to be something goin' round.

  5. i've been watching Brothers and Sisters on Netflix and am up to season 4. i might have started it only 5 days ago....but it is so good!! and i am right there with you about white walls. i painted ours last year and am seriously considering going back to white.