Yesterday I went to visit my sister Alice for the first time since Lucy was born. I thought, "it's been two months and the time has come!" and then my brain couldn't help itself and followed with "...the walrus said." Because, you know, Alice. But seriously, I lovelovelove visiting Alice. Whenever I'm feeling like I want to get out of my house, like I have to get out of my house or my brain will explode, I run to Alice's. And we had the bestest time with her and her kids yesterday.

One thing about Alice is that she makes things seem easy. When we're at home, Max and Maggie toddle up to our back doors, peer out, try to turn the knob, and then turn at look at me with the most pathetic looks on their faces. I know they're saying, "Please, Mama, let us play outside!" But it just seems too hard, or too hot, or too infested with mosquitoes to venture outdoors with just me and them. So we play inside instead.

When we were at Alice's house, Maggie was looking out the back door and I said, "Oh, she wants to go outside." And Alice jumped up and said, "Well, then let's go!"* And we went. And my kids had the time of their lives. Lucy lay on a blanket in the grass and kicked her legs whenever the wind blew. Max crawled all over, tried to eat rocks, successfully ate a flower, and chewed on a paintbrush {his favorite}. Maggie showed off her walking, took all the chalk out of its basket and then put it back in again, and rubbed water in her hair. Ah, every babies' perfect day!

I've talked before about how great a sister Alice is, how she always helps me feel better, how her house is my home-away-from-home. Do you have someone like that in your life? I hope everyone does. And I hope that someday I can be to Alice what she is to me.

*Alice didn't really say that. Oswald {from our favorite show Oswald} says that in the episode "Daisy Plays an Instrument." I don't remember exactly what Alice said, but probably it was more like, "Okay, we can go outside." Please forgive me for quoting Oswald to you; it's hard to get him out of my head sometimes.


  1. I need someone like this! I have a home away from home in my aunt and uncles house but its a 6 hour drive away and it only happens a handful of times a year, if that.

  2. I need my sisters to live closer :( I agree with you...I definitely want to be that person for someone!

  3. Oh and Lucy's cheeks.............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you dare stop posting pictures of them.

  4. It's so lovely to hear you talk about your sister, I hope my boys are as close xxx