A Happy List for Your Sunday

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I thought about starting out this post by saying "today was one of those days." But actually, today was fine. Not great {Max has had a fever for the past few days, Maggie started having one today, Lucy has gummy eyes and I think I bruised one of her eyelids trying to put drops in and I feel terrible, and all three of them have noses that are running like snot faucets}, but Christian and I have been spared whatever our kids have, at least for now, and I only ever felt frustrated right before nap time, which was extraordinarily convenient.

It was this evening that really did me in.

As I was changing Max's diaper right before I put on his Buzz Lightyear jams, I noticed something not quite right, and I think Max has a double inguinal hernia. Which is just really incredibly frustrating timing, because he JUST had surgery earlier this week. He JUST did, and now I think we're looking at another surgery as soon as we can get it scheduled. And even after I got over my initial "why us??" feelings and gave myself a "you can do this" pep-talk, I've felt emotionally drained. Max in surgery again? Each of my twins having surgery twice before they turn two? WHY? {Okay, so maybe I'm not entirely over my "why us" feelings yet. Give me a few more hours.}

The thing is, I know our family is very blessed, and in order to help me remember that fact, I thought I'd write down a happy list. Right now, in the middle of the night, because I'm certainly not going to fall asleep any time soon. Here are ten things that should be are making me happy:

  1. A husband who give me bear hugs because he knows how to help me feel better when I'm stressed.
  2. Maggie has started letting me fix her hair on a daily basis. She wants an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and a packet of fruit snacks in return, but that's okay by me.
  3. Mail from friends.
  4. A new can of Febreeze air freshener in my bathroom.
  5. The Corrections {the book I set a goal to read in February} is so good. Jonathon Franzen is brilliant.
  6. This method of soft-boiling eggs is perfect, and I tried some on toast with avocado; it's amazing.
  7. Lucy is learning to give kisses. Sometimes, if I ask her about ten times in a row and point to my mouth and purse my lips, she'll lean forward and let her mouth touch mine. I think it's the sweetest.
  8. Max has a favorite book, and it's Where the Wild Things Are.
  9. These shoes. Christian gave me a pair for Christmas and I love them. {They're so comfortable!}
  10. Somehow I got three votes for the Best Family & Kids Blog over on Apartment Therapy's The Homies. It makes me happy because we all know I'm not going to win {I'm not even close to being close to the people who are saying they're not even close}, but a few special people thought it was worth their time to put me up there, anyway. Thanks, friends.
What's making you happy right now?


  1. Love the happy list, Mary! Good way to combat the crummy stuff you are dealing with. So here's my happy list, and I REALLY needed to do this for the same reasons.

    Things that make me happy (in no particular order):
    1. I no longer live in a place where winter means lots of snow on snow and ridiculously cold weather. I heart NC!
    2. Cute shoes in my closet and trying to find an outfit on Sunday to go with the shoes I want to wear.
    3. "Grammie Weeks" and "Grammie Fridays"! This time with my grandchildren is absolutely the happiest thing ever.
    4. Finding and baking a recipe for Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies that is fabulous, and so I won't miss the "regular" kind at all.
    5. My monthly birthday lunch with my BFF Patti....going on 15 years now of the best birthday gift ever!
    6. Dreaming about how I want to decorate my house - someday when money is no object!
    7. When Doug and I unexpectedly say the same thing at the same time. It shows we are still in sync with each other. It happened in church today. ;). Jinx! Buy me a Coke!
    8. People telling me that they think I am an age much younger than I really am.
    9. That my children love to gather together.
    10. My iPad and how I can watch my shows in my bed as I try to get sleepy.
    Bonus happy thought: my son Daniel on his mission. Yes, that is a good thing.

  2. I recognized that picture right away. Here's the original source.
    Photo: Me in my now old room http://megantilley.tumblr.com/post/23341904315/me-in-my-now-old-room

  3. I love how you immediately gave yourself a pep talk, even with all the crappy, hard, tiring stuff going on in your life. You're an optimist, Mary. And I like it.

    So sorry for your little guy though. I'll send some prayers your way.

  4. Yeah what's up with sick babies? Both mine have runny noses. It's like there's an epidemic only hitting the littles.

    Today I laughed out loud multiple times at Sydney. That made me super happy. She did several new things that were so true to her crazy monkeyness.

    Kudos on redirecting yourself. That's what it's called right? Redirecting? Sometimes it's easy and tempting to just give up and let sad be sad and wallow for hours and eat ice cream. I admire those that don't let that happen.

  5. Ok fine I'll try soft boiled eggs. I keep resisting. But I know I'll probably love them.