Important Thoughts 17.0

{pictures from our anniversary dinner at the CKF.  left: Christian wishing I wasn't taking his picture.  right: Christian with a spoon on his nose, wishing I wasn't taking his picture.}

17.1:  Christian and I had our second anniversary on Monday.  Which means: 1) no more month-a-versaries.  We decided that we would mark the age of our marriage as parents do the age of their children; by weeks until two months, by months until two years, and then just by years... for forever.  It also means: b) I've just lived the best two years of my life so far, and they were amazing.  And I won't speak for Christian, but if you think the two years he spent on his mission even come close to competing with the two years of our marriage in his favoriteness, you're kidding yourself.  And you don't know Christian.

17.2:  Alice had her baby yesterday, on Tuesday, April 13.  It's a girl.  She is adorable, and has teeny ears and fingers, and spiky soft hair that falls into a faux-hawk.  I feel so lucky, because when I went to the hospital today, no one else was there and I got to hold her for hours, which was awesome.  Alice and Cletus had a little trouble deciding on a name, even after she was born, but I heard Alice on the phone with the birth certificate lady today, so I know it's official: Elaine Ruth Simpson.  I think I'm going to call her Laney.

17.3:  Since I've been so satisfied with my own blog design recently, my blog designing itch has had to be satisfied elsewhere.  {Specifically: here, here, here, here, and here.}  I've had so much fun designing blog templates for my family members, that I think I might want to try designing for other people also.  Not for money -- I mos def don't have the skillz to pay the billz -- but if you like the designs I've done, and if you would be comfortable coming up and talking to me in person {I'm not ready to design for strangers yet}, then e-mail me and I'll see if I can help you.

17.4:  Why can't anyone ever be happy on TV?  *Possible spoiler alerts ahead!*  Christian was telling about how on 24 Renee died, just when she and Jack were finally together {because even though I don't watch 24 regularly myself, I still feel invested in what's going on}, which is such a bummer.  Lost aired a great episode last night, with what I thought was just the right amount of explosions, but Sun and Jin still keep missing each other, and I'm starting to worry that they'll never get the sweet reunion they deserve.  Christian keeps saying that conflict makes for good TV, and I get that, but also people like watching TV that makes them happy.  So consider my complaints registered, general TV authorities.

17.5:  I'm not watching Lara any more.  It happened so suddenly -- one week I was watching her and planning on watching her for a long time {possibly years}, and the next week Laura has a new job and gets to work evenings, and so I'm off the hook.  The thing is, I'm not sure I want to be off the hook.  Because what am I going to do with myself now?


  1. Congrats Auntie Mimi! I love the name Elaine and Laney!

    So, I feel like I'm pretty up to date with the happenings of your and C$'s life, but I missed all of this in just a few days! I'm sorry you're not watching Little Lara anymore. You can still visit her during the day, right?

    And also, I LOVE all the new blog designs you've done (especially mine). Thanks for being willing and making all of them so fabulous!

    Last, I can totally appreciate your thoughts re: TV. I love when people get together but I understand the good TV that it makes waiting in anticipation of this.

  2. yay baby! Holding newborns - especially nieces/nephews - is the best. I had to share with Brandon when Matt was born a year (!!!) ago- but the NEXT best thing to holding the baby myself is watching the hubby with a baby. Warms the heart.
    I like the designs you've done - they're so pretty! And the signatures are super cute.

  3. I can't believe you and christian have already been married two years. I feel time is going by faster the older I get... I don't like it. Congrats on two fabulous years though, May they only get better as you go!

    And I suck at all things computer... if you feel so inclined you are more than welcome to design a blog template for me.

  4. Mary, I sure as heck think you have the skillz to pay the billz! Look what you did to my blog... genius!

  5. Oh my gosh Mary, I would love your help with my blog. Take a look at it right now. It's terrible! it's because I'm so frustrated with it!!! My biggest frustration is that I can't get youtube videos to post on the blog without being cut off... I have no idea how to fix it either! if you do, I would love the help!!! I love your layout. They're all great, but I really like yours with the pictures on top, and tabs. Super cute. looks professional for sure!