My Garden

I decided a while ago that one of my projects this summer was going to be planting a container garden on our back patio.  My parents have always been into gardening -- we had a large vegetable garden in our backyard growing up -- and I felt that growing a small vegetable garden would be a fun adventure.

To start, I borrowed eight pots from my parents, and went to Logan's {the best garden supply store ever} to buy plants, seeds, and soil.  I got tomato, bell pepper, banana pepper, and bush cucumber plants; summer squash and bush bean seeds; and four huge bags of Logan's potting soil.  I also got plenty of advice from my mother, who I called several times to ask questions like "What size tomato cages should I get?" and "Where do they keep the seeds?"  I planted everything the same day.  It was hot outside, but I have a genetic inclination to plant things, and had so much fun.

I've since been disappointed with how little work my garden requires from me.  I go outside once a day to check on it, make sure squirrels haven't been breaking off the stems of my plants again {because when my seeds were first growing, I had a problem with that}, see if the soil needs watering, and send out positive growing thoughts.  I plan to sit on the patio in my camp chair and enjoy the outdoors this summer.  I'm excited with the possibility that I might be able to eat produce from my own garden {even though the amount of sun we get on the patio makes that unlikely}.


  1. What a beautiful garden! Hopefully you'll get something out of it.

  2. I'm wanting to plant a tomato plant on our patio - there is ONE corner where geraniums did well last summer, so, hopefully a tomato plant will like it too. I should probably start that - though it still gets pretty darn cold here at nights, so, maybe in a few weeks when spring/summer has really begun. I also want to do herbs - but my previous herb attempts died rather quickly. Basil would be delicious. I love fresh basil.

  3. Look at you and your green thumb! Happy Birthday, by the way!

  4. beautiful garden pictures, mary. can you come and take some beautiful pictures of my garden???