Two Elaine Pictures

{Alice took both of these pictures.  The first is from the hospital, the day I got to hold Elaine for hours.
The second is one Alice took at home.}

Baby Lara and I came to visit Alice today, on my birthday.
We took more pictures of Elaine, for her birth announcement.
Then I put everyone down for a nap.
{First Alice and Elaine, who went very willingly, and then Lara and Kate, who both demanded that I read them stories first.}
Since then, I've been trying to e-mail myself compressed folders that contain the Elaine pictures.
Alice's computer is slow at uploading pictures, and it's been taking me a while.

I'll tell all about my birthday celebrations
{which started this morning, with Chrisitan's car battery dead again}
in another post.
For now, I hope you enjoy these two adorable pictures
of my tiniest of nieces.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Mary! What a fun present to see so many nieces on your special day. You and Elanie look so beautiful!!

  2. Things you should know:

    1. You look like your mother
    2. I'm following you now
    3. I want you to design my blog. Your is pretty. Your mom's is pretty. I'd like mine to be pretty. Except that I like to change it a lot. If you design it, can I change it a lot? Email me.

  3. i think it's sad that no one loves that little baby.