Today I'm Grateful For...

...my family.

I'm grateful for my great big whole family: the ones I get to see often, the ones I get to see not-so-often, and the one wonderful one I get to see every day; the family that I was lucky enough to enter into at birth, and the family that I was lucky enough to enter into at marriage.  I'm grateful that my favorite people in the world are the people to whom I'm related, because even if I annoy them, they still love me.  I'm grateful for the Restored Gospel on the earth, and for the sealing powers of the temple, because I know that I can be with my family forever.  That man sleeping on my couch right now?  The one who's taking a nap in the middle of the day because I possibly gave him food poisoning last night?  I get to be married to that man for eternity, and nothing in the world can ever separate us, and I'm so grateful.  I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who knew to organize the billions of people who would inhabit the earth into families.  I'm grateful for the joy that my family brings into my life.

I'm especially grateful for my knowledge of God's plan right now.

{I'm also grateful for old family pictures -- I love this one of me and my two older sisters.  I just noticed today that Alice has her arms wrapped around me in it.  Could anything be sweeter?}


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