Important Thoughts 18.0

18.1:  Check it: I'm now offering to create Blogger templates for anyone who's willing to pay me a very small fee.  I'm excited!  On the downside, I now have to wait for people to come to me; I can't go around volunteering to design for free any more.  That's a little bit of a bummer.

18.2:  Christian took me out for dinner and a movie on Saturday.  It was so incredibly sweet -- he even brought me flowers.  We went to see Oceans, which I thought would be really interesting, but it turned out to be super boringsuck.  Christian fell asleep for several minutes.  I was hoping for more scientific fact and less random, unorganized, fourth-grade-level poetry.  Dinner was excellent; we went to the Village Deli in Cameron Village, which is one of my favorite places because they give you a pickle with your sandwich.  I love that.  Thank you, Christian, for a wonderful evening.

18.3:  I love the idea behind this engagement shoot.  Up always makes me cry, too, and I think this couple is adorable.

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