A Day Full of Girls

Yesterday I went over to Alice's house.  I had invited myself over because I love to spend time with Alice, and I love to hold her baby.  While I was at it, I invited my mother over to Alice's also, and she brought my other two sisters and Baby Lara.  It was a day full of girls.  I had so much fun.

Before my mom arrived, I played with Kate and talked to Alice about everything.  Alice feels like my therapist sometimes.  It's so easy to talk to her, because almost everything I'm going through, she understands.  When I'm irritated because the man I love occasionally acts like a doofus, check, Alice has been there.   When I felt harassed by Baby Lara's continual pleas for my attention, when I was dating Christian and my grades went down, when I've been frustrated with my mother, Alice could always relate to what I was feeling.  Alice is amazing.  And even with a new baby, her house always feels clean and peaceful.  I want to be Alice when I grow up.

I took a roll of Mother's Day pictures while we had everyone together -- I'll post more of them later.  The two at the top of this post I took just to finish off my previous roll, but they ended up being my favorites.  Alice said that if you allow Kate to pose for a picture {as opposed to taking a candid}, then she always does the #1 with her finger.  I don't get it, but I think it's hilariously cute.

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