More Mother's Day Pictures

More pictures from our Mother's Day photo shoot at Alice's.  I think we hit almost every combination of people possible.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get one of all eight of us -- there's no timer on my Diana.

On Mother's Day growing up I remember that my dad would always wake us up so that we could make my mother breakfast in bed.  I thought that it was so luxurious, with sliced strawberries and a glass of orange juice.  {We never did have a silver platter, however.}  Yesterday Christian and I went over to the Plautzes' to celebrate Mother's Day.  We talked to Eric {Christian's brother on a mission in Georgia} for exactly forty minutes and played Sporcle and ate a delicious dinner.  How did everyone else celebrate Mother's Day?


  1. this is the first year dad didn't help whoever was at home (sj) make me breakfast in bed. i was giving a talk (see tinydancer.blogspot.com)(is it rude to plug your own blog in someone else's blog?) and he was teaching sunday school.

    dad made a yummy dinner and we got together with family and everyone gave me a present. the grandchildren ran and screamed and annoyed each other. it was great!

  2. Scooter? Mary, this is a Vespa. :)I watched Saved today and thought about you.