Important Thoughts 20.0

{photo via PaperTissue.}

20.1: I made a bold move on Wednesday and bought a new couch.  After browsing for couches a few weeks ago, I came to the sad conclusion that I wasn't going to be able to afford a couch for several more months.  However, on Tuesday I decided to look around on Craigslist for the first time, and the fifth couch I clicked on was my dream couch.  {Not exactly my dream couch -- I wouldn't mind if the seat was deeper, or if the upholstery was radically different -- but it's close enough.}  I could afford it, so I e-mailed the owner that night and picked it up the next day.  It's now sitting in our dining room, waiting for the explosion of throw pillows that I think will make it look perfect.  I'll post pictures when it looks just right.

20.2: I downloaded Photoshop a few days ago, and have since spent several hours editing photos.  Specifically, our wedding photos, which is why I randomly posted some yesterday.  I've been jealous of people with gorgeous wedding photos since I got married, and I love how mine look now.  Belated wedding photo win!

20.3: Christian and I bought tickets for our trip to Utah!  We'll be leaving on September 21st, and coming home on the 27th.  We have so many people to see again {and some to meet for the first time} -- I can't wait!  I'm so excited that it's finally happening after being in the planning stages for two years!  For some reason, I love planning trips way in advance.  Case in point: I told Christian that for our tenth anniversary, I want him to take me to Paris.  One advantage of thinking so far ahead is that now he has more than seven years to get used to the idea, and obtain medication that will knock him out for the plane ride.

20.4: Happy Birthday to Alex, my youngest brother-in-law, who turned 14 yesterday!  Always remember, Alex, that birthdays are good for you -- you can tell because the more birthdays you have, the longer you live.  That's a fact.


  1. Hooray for your new couch. I am so excited for the pictures!

    And double hooray for your Utah trip! So excited to finally meet you.

  2. I can't wait to see your new couch! And yet, I'm somewhat disappointed you didn't want ours. Think about it, it would FEEL like you own a kitten when one of your couch corners is already shredded.