We're Home!

Christian and I are home!  I ate a meatloaf sandwich a little while ago, and lately my body has been thinking that right after food is a good time for sleep, so my brain is a little hazy right now.  I'm struggling to stay awake, so here are a few disconnected thoughts about our trip/drive home/time since then:

1.  While making the meatloaf sandwich, I clumsily dropped the knife I was using, and it bounced off the floor and into my toe.  I didn't notice it had broken the skin until I also noticed the drops of blood on the kitchen floor.  Gross!  {I told Christian as I handed him his sandwich, "Don't worry, it doesn't have any blood on it."  He didn't look very reassured.}

2.  We drove home yesterday with Amelia in tow -- we took her to "Grammy's" house, which she was very excited about.  "Grammy's going to be so happy to see me!" she kept saying.  "Yes," we kept replying, "and Grandpa and Catherine, too!"  We also accidentally poisoned her with McDonald's food, and shortly after our arrival in Fuquay, she began to throw up.  I still feel bad about that.

3.  We went to see fireworks in Fuquay last night with Christian's dad, Daniel, and Alex.  I absolutely love watching fireworks, and last night was no exception.  We sat by  this one lady who was smoking, who was talking loudly on her cell phone, and who kept company with hordes of greasy, rebellious-looking, pierced teenagers who kept standing in the way.  Blerg.  On the upside, though, we also sat by a group of adorable kids who said "WOW!" in unison after every firework went off.

4.  Christian made me pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning.  He is so sweet, and a very good pancake maker.  He certainly did a better job than I usually do, since none of his pancakes were runny in the middle.  Christian is also better at taking pictures of us than I am.  He took the one above, and I took this one:


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