{Hayden, Kate, Mom & Elaine}

Everyone came over to visit me and my neighborhood pool on Friday.  And by everyone, I mean Alice, Hayden, Kate, Elaine, Mom and Sara Joy.  According to our pool rules I'm only allowed to bring four guests, but Elaine and Mom never swim, so they don't really count.  Also, it's difficult to take those rules seriously when every time we go, no one else is there.  {Besides, who's going to enforce the rules?  Our pool has zero security.}  Owning a pool pass this summer means that my family is more willing to come and visit me; last summer I think I did all the visiting.  This summer is also abominably hot, which makes just sitting by the pool unbearable -- one reason I never go by myself.  {Maybe if I could manage to relax with a book in the water.}  I got a headache from the heat on Friday and wasn't very much fun after a while.

Alice brought part of a German chocolate cake, which was delicious and became my breakfast.  She also brought me some very good pasta salad.  Mom brought me a cantaloupe.   I brought my camera and took a few pictures.  Mom refuses to smile in most pictures -- instead she makes a face that she thinks looks dignified and serene, and I think looks bored -- but I asked her to please smile for real this time, and the picture turned out very well.  {And yes, Mom, you do really look like that.}  Kate also took a few pictures, mostly of Elaine laying on a towel under the table.  She took a few up-close out-of-focus shots of me, which made me rethink how good my hair looked that day.  {I'm exercising my right as co-author of this blog and not posting those pictures.}

Are you enjoying the summer?  Any ideas for having fun while keeping out of the heat?  Don't forget that Christian turns 27 on Saturday!


  1. i DO look like that. and i think it's a great picture, too, although i'm not making a real smile. how did YOU know i was going for serene and dignified? i feel it's appropriate to my age and station in life to look serene and dignified. i used to always go for gorgeous and hot. i find that that is out of keeping with my age and station in life now or i'd still be doing it.

  2. your pictures are always so pretty! i secretly lurked on the ones of you guys on vacation--it looked like so much fun!