We Are Loving It {with sidenotes}

{photos via esoule}

We're having the best time on our little vacation.  We went to the beach yesterday afternoon.  I forwent sunscreen, which meant that I got an intense sunburn on my right arm.  {So intense, I thought when I woke up this morning that my skin had already started peeling, but I afterwards realized that it was only dried aloe.  Still gross.}

I'm glad I went to Harris Teeter and bought myself a new pair of cheapo sunglasses before we left.  I only ever buy cheapo sunglasses, because I am continually breaking or misplacing them, and also because I'm indifferent to the superior style of expensives ones.  {On a similar note, if anyone has seen my last pair, purple with black polka dots, please let me know.  I was a little attached to them.  My sister gave them to me for Christmas, and I like the way they made everything look purple.}

We also braved crowds of uniformed, vampire-crazy little camp girls to see Knight and Day, which turned out to be pretty weak.  Still, I had a great time -- the best time I've had in a while.  I got a little hysterical while eating my peanut butter cups before the movie started, and laughed at everything Christian said.  It was wonderful.  I love going to the movies with my best friend {which is maybe why we've gone to see seven in the past 35 days}.

More updates & eventually pictures to come!


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